Pelosi’s Unhinged Attack on Judge Gorsuch

So Nancy Pelosi said that Gorsuch is a bad choice and outside of the mainstream of American legal thought. Until I heard that I wasn’t sure how I felt about him. I know now that I’m probably going to love him.

I say that for two reasons. Number one: if Nancy Pelosi is unhappy, that is always a sure fire sign that the right and moral thing is being done. Number two: American legal thought is pretty messed up. How many times do we hear or do we ourselves say how polluted with poo the American legal system is? I know I say it at least once a year, but surely I say it way more than that.

Let us start with the case of the Washington DC judge suing a dry cleaners for 67 million dollars for a lost pair of pants. Yep, that’s American legal thought (in DC at least). I am NOT going to tell you that Roy L Pearson Jr, the  judge of questionable sanity, is probably a Democrat; you can figure that out for yourself. I bet Nancy would prefer him.

Perhaps Jack Battaglia of the New York Supreme Court would be more to her liking. I mean, hey, he only sued the city for a million dollars when he slipped on a wet floor in  his own courthouse. Three guesses which party he represents.

Maybe Nancy’s biggest issue would be that she wants a woman on the Supreme Court. Sounds fair. How about Arelia Taveras? She’s the lawyer who sued both Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos for 20 million dollars. The defendants  included Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino as well as Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. That should give Nancy a tingle up her leg. Oh, by the way, she was suing them because  it’s the casino’s fault that she gambled away her client’s money. She subsequently went to jail but surely that doesn’t disqualify her as a great American legal thinker.

I won’t even mention the frivolous hot coffee at McDonalds lawsuit or any of the other insane civil suits. Surely, you get a clear picture of how wonderful American legal thinking is. Someone who’s not in the same boat with these great legal minds has my support – especially since he is also anti-murder, particularly when it comes to babies in the womb.

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