Pelosi Doubles Down on Losing [VIDEO]

Democrats are defeated but Nancy Pelosi doubles down on the losing message.

Why Pelosi doubles down on defeat is similar to the reasons the Republican establishment rejected Donald Trump until the bitter end (and probably still does).

Here’s Pelosi on “Face the Nation” yesterday:

As quoted in Grabien News,

DICKERSON: “The Democratic Party is in a moment of questioning about its identity. You were reelected to lead the Democrats in the House. What do you tell Democrats who want a new direction and then, go to you, what are you going to do differently?”

PELOSI: “Well, I don’t think people want a new direction. Our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families. That’s one that everyone is in agreement on. What we want is a better connection of our message to working families in our country, and that clearly in the election showed that that message wasn’t coming through. But we are united in terms of the security of our country, which is our first responsibility. To be smart and strong and not reckless in how we protect the American people, strong in how we protect our economy.”

Despite the rhetoric of “working families,” Pelosi doubles down on the same status quo that lost the race for the Democrats. People don’t “want a new direction.”

The fact that Pelosi doubles down on the Democratic status quo is no surprise, since the DNC doubled down by keeping Pelosi as the minority leader in Congress. Pelosi is the San Francisco representative who reigned as majority leader from 2006 to 2010 and the minority leader thereafter. The Senate Democrats chose Chuck Schumer of New York to succeed Harry Reid as their leader.

In other words, the Democrats have now reaffirmed that they are the coastal Party and their only strategy is to find enough votes in “flyover country” to allow them to get back into power.

Is it possible?

If the Republicans blow up their new opportunity, then it might be possible. Democrats have the media, the education system, and Federal workers working for them. Those institutions are dominated by Liberals and view the Coastal Party as their champions. For example, the EPA was eager to pursue President Obama’s agenda. We can expect them to obstruct Donald Trump’s agenda with all their power.

The Coastal Party sees both K-12 and college education as a means of spreading propaganda, brainwashing children, and raising future morons who will vote Coastal Party.

Despite those powerful weapons, I have doubts Democrats have any idea how to pull it off. If those allies could give them victory, then we would be preparing for President Clinton in January. When Pelosi doubles down and claims that Americans don’t want a change in direction she shows us that she is delusional. She commented in the interview that the DNC’s losses in government in 2010, 2014, and 2016 aren’t significant because of their great wins in 2006 and 2008. She ignores the fact that the Democrats were more powerful in American government in 2005 than they will be in 2017.

Basically, the Republicans need to not betray their voters and give the Coastal Party a chance to rebuild their coalition. Right now, the only thing that can harm them is themselves.

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