Peeling Back the Offensive Liberal Onion

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This powerful exultation came from the mouth of one of the most revered Democrats of all time, John Kennedy. In today’s world, JFK would have been a Republican and FDR, the father of the modern welfare state would have hated him. Modern “progressives” are so far left of even the FDR as to ponder the upside of Socialism. How did the Democratic party steered so far left of JFK?

How is this possible? What’s at the heart of the modern liberal onion? Looking past the protective thin skin and the meat of a liberal’s mind comprises a set of near-universal filters. One has to peel back these filters to get to the heart of the modern progressive.

The first layer is abortion. No one wants the government involved in the (often) heart-wrenching decision to abort a potential human life. No one is more qualified to make that decision than the mother and her doctor. Reasonable people surely agree that at some point between conception and birth, it is no longer a “potential” human life, it is a child, capable of life outside the womb, and it deserves the same right to life as any other child. How can a progressive defend partial-birth (or even late-term) abortion? If a mother and her doctor can kill a child at birth, why not at 4-months when some horrible disease is discovered? How is it even remotely logical to elevate a woman’s right to choose above a child’s right to life?

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The next layer is gun control. Progressives believe guns are evil anthropomorphic devices that kill people. They believe that only a select few should be allowed to own them. Rich people, celebrities, politicians, the politically-connected, Federal agents, and MAYBE law-enforcement (if they are properly indoctrinated) should be capable of self-defense. HRC attempted to hide her contempt for armed citizens behind tragic toddler-involved shootings. She turned her second-face and defended late-term, and even partial-birth abortion. Accidental toddler-involved shootings need to be controlled, but infant-killing does not? Apparently her compassion for the children is limited by some nebulous age-test.

All evidence to the contrary, progressives somehow convince themselves that criminals won’t commit armed robbery, kill a drug dealer, or rape/murder your sister at gunpoint if we only pass a law that says nobody can own a gun. If that were true, wouldn’t the drug dealers have already turned in their crack?

That brings us to the catastrophe of climate change. Any reasonable person knows the climate has been changing for billions of years without man’s help. The statistics progressives quote about climate change (even the few that are true) are based on a time scale equivalent to the blink of an eye. Every computer model is based on a child-like understanding of the astounding forces that dictate global temperature. About every 1,000 years global temperatures reverse from warming trends to cooling trends and back again.

We are nearing the end of a warming trend. While progressives would like you to believe that this trend began with the industrial age, the current warming trend started a thousand years ago and has actually slowed in the last 150 years. A single volcanic eruption sends more Co2 into the atmosphere than all the cars in the world contribute. Cows exhale more Co2 in a given year than every car on the planet. NOAA’s own ice cores confirm that it’s no warmer now, than it was 2,000 years ago, or 12,000 years ago.

Progressives blindly follow Al Gore and his liberal buddies while they make millions of dollars off doomsday proclamations. Just 16 years ago Al Gore was spewing hogwash about sea levels rising 3 inches by 2010. He’s a huckster selling snake oil. So why is this “settled science”? Because progressives can’t argue the facts. A single fact destroys their entire argument. So they call us deniers, claim we want to destroy the planet, and stomp their feet screaming, “Shut Up!” How childish.

liberalism2The next layer is income control. Progressives don’t call it that, of course. They proclaim “Increasing taxes on the rich” and making the rich pay their “fair share” is good for everyone. Those evil rich people are stepping on our necks and hoarding all the beans. Rich people are an easy mark because there are relatively few of them. The rest of us can gang up on them in a pure democracy. But this is NOT a democracy, it’s a Republic. A republic defends the rights of the outnumbered against the majority. Since when is it okay to steal more from one person than another? Since FDR. Regardless of how you word it, when you take more from one group and give it to another, it is income control. Mention “flat tax” to a progressive and they go ape-shade.

Let’s peel back another layer of the onion as we get closer to the heart of a true progressive. Despite the fact that few progressives have ever bothered to read it, they believe the constitution is a “living document”. They believe that the founding fathers were archaic fogies and have no relevance to modern society. From there, it’s a small step to “the constitution is irrelevant”. When you conclude the original (foundation) law of the land, is irrelevant, it’s a short step to “every law I don’t like is irrelevant”. Reasonable people who don’t like the law try to change it. The Obama and Hillary progressives ignore it.

Which brings us to the “victim” layer. Progressives believe everyone not born rich, white and male is a victim. Child abuse is excused because the perpetrator was abused. Riots and burning down businesses is excused because the perpetrators are victims of racism. Career parasites living off the taxpayer are excused because they’re victims of greedy business owners. Terrorism is excused because terrorists share a different culture. Stoning women, genital mutilation, and honor killing is ignored on the basis of the perpetrators’ religious beliefs. Lawlessness is excused because there are just too many guns. Drug pushers are excused because there just aren’t enough jobs in their neighborhood.

Progressives have no concept of personal responsibility. They are poor because the “establishment” stole all the good stuff. Nothing is ever their fault. Of course, the whole notion that someone ELSE is responsible for what YOU do is impossible to justify on a logical level. So progressives hurl insults at those who disagree. They must be racists, xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists, or just plane mean people. (I wonder why the global warming screw-balls don’t call the rest of us Globe-aphobes.)

The next layer reveals the progressive assault on free speech. That the1st amendment guarantees freedom of speech, just drips with symbolism. While progressives claim to be “inclusive”, they abhor any expression with which they disagree. Discontent with banning specific expressions, flags, conservative speakers, or gender-specific pronouns, progressives are now whining about nebulous “safe spaces”, “triggers”, “hate speech”, and “dog whistles”.

Their hatred for free speech is self-evident, but why? Fear. A progressive cannot win on logic. Their only options are emotional pleas often based on pure accusation and nothing more. They cannot justify why it’s okay to kill a baby in the birth canal, but wrong to put a serial murderer to death. No one can argue logically that a country without borders is no country at all. So, a wall must be racist. No one can logically argue you need an ID to buy smokes, but not to cast a vote. So it must be racist. No one can logically argue that it’s a good idea to import tens of thousands of Syrians without a vetting process. So, it must be Islamophobia. What they cannot logically defend, they paint with an “ism” or tack on a “phobia”. All this goal-tending is because they FEAR free speech.

We have finally arrived at the heart of the onion. What single perception ties all these things together? The central theme, the heart, of all these ideas takes us full-circle to John F. Kennedy’s famous line, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” JFK was a conservative. Modern progressives are all about what the government can do for them. If it’s “free”, if it benefits them, they are in favor of it. If it threatens their beliefs, they hate it. That’s why many of them hate America or are ashamed of her.

America defends its most vulnerable. America defends its borders and its interests around the globe. America works hard, achieves, excels and offers opportunity for all who would earn it. America guarantees freedom of speech. America is all the things the modern progressive hates. While progressives clamor for more and more freebies, America hangs by a thread. If progressives continue to wag the dog, America’s long slow drift toward socialism will end with her being just another collection of serfs sharing geographical proximity. The ruling corrupt (Hillary & friends) will tell you what you can say, what you can do, when you can do it, and how much it’s worth.

That progressives fear free speech is obvious. As a conservative, I echo the words of Winston Churchill: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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