Pedophile Blames Islam for Molestation

I know that we live in an age in which no one is responsible. People who do wrong feel that they should not be blamed for their action. They were mistreated by their parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, etc.; therefore they should escape the consequences of what they have done.

This is the defense of a female pedophile in New Jersey, but you will never believe what she is claiming is made her attack her students. Islam.

Breitbart reports

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A 22-year-old teacher is claiming that her strict Muslim childhood “repressed” her and contributed to her desires to have sex with students who attended a New Jersey high school, court records show.

Linda Hardan, a teacher at Manchester Regional High School in Haledon, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with sexual contact with at least two male students, one a 14-year-old and another a 16-year-old. Her contact began with explicit text messages and graduated to sexual contact, police said.

Harden and her defense team believe that it was her repressed upbringing that has caused her to act this way; therefore the state should not send her to jail. Rather than be treated like the pedophile she is, they want her to be sent to counseling instead. And this points out the problem of our judicial system.

We have forgotten what exactly penal laws are for when it comes to criminal law. Penal means penalties. So, you face certain penalties for breaking certain laws. Laws and their punishment have nothing to do with cure.

We do not have the responsibility as a society to fix what is broken in every person that acts out or acts wickedly. This means that the idea of the state purchasing counseling as a consequence of Hardan’s crimes has no real place in our courts.

But of course, this ridiculous notion was taken into consideration during sentencing.

Breitbart continued.

Prosecutors had worked out a deal with Hardan’s legal team, and she accepted a five-year sentence, which was then presented during the sentencing phase of her trial. But Passaic County Superior Court Judge Miguel de la Carrera decided on a lesser sentence, citing the mitigating factors of her childhood. Judge de la Carrera imposed a three-year sentence.

Causation is not a reason but an excuse. And we will never stop the subversion of justice until we recognize that.

Besides if this is true, then should we not outlaw Islam?

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