Peace through Strength: Our Only Hope Against Radical Islam

WASHINGTON, DC: The truck driver who recently killed twelve at the Berlin Christmas market is a reminder once again of how effectively ISIS soldiers are striking at Western civilization. “By randomly attacking our most vulnerable soft targets,” Joe David, author of The Infidels, said, “these itinerant murderers are efficiently achieving their goal of spreading terror in the West.”

David believes that as long as the West responds to such acts of terrorism with ineffective action, such murders will continue and even escalate. “We must never forget the lessons of history, especially the massacre led by the Muslim Turks 100 years ago in which millions of Christians were massacred to purge Turkey of mixed faiths. World leaders like German Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel, French President François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, and America’s soon-to-be ex-President Barack Hussein Obama have shown by what they are allowing to happen today in the world that they don’t grasp the lessons of history. As a result, they are endangering their citizens with their foolish commitment to an open-door policy that admits into their country an un-vetted enemy.” 

This action by these world leaders, David believes, is directly responsible for the outrageous murders in San Bernardino, Paris, Nice, Orlando, and Brussel, to name a few. By ignoring the lessons from history and giving Islamic Fundamentalists safe havens in their countries to multiply freely, they are enabling terrorists to continue their outrage whenever and wherever they like.”

In his latest book, The Infidels, David has opened a window to the past in order to clarify the real character of the enemy. “History is repeating itself, though some historians will deny it,” he said. “As long as leaders justify their actions with political correctness, and they ignore the lessons from the past with irrational excuses, the West won’t be safe. History confirms that Islam is not a religion of peace. If the West wants to defeat the enemy, it must flex its muscle, as President-Elect Trump recommends, and through such action confirm the historic truth: Real peace can only come through strength.”

You can get Joe David’s “The Infidels” here. Also, if you’d like to learn more about the book, you can read an excellent review from Israel National News, here.

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