Is Peace between Israel and Palestine Near?

President Donald Trump made some remarkable statements after meeting with both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The President told the gathered media as well as his Israeli audience that after meeting and speaking with both men, he was sure that a peace was possible and could very well be imminent. The President argued that it would be hard work, but that the work could and should be done… and that he believed peace was coming.

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It really has been an incredible trip thus far for President Trump, who has left Israel and is now in Italy preparing to meet Pope Francis, who is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

However, before you leave this thinking that the President must be crazy, because peace between Israel and the Palestinians is simply “not possible.” The President isn’t the only person who sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Liberal lawyer and Democrat activist Alan Dershowitz says that Trump is right and a peace has never been more attainable.

At MSNBC he argued that peace may happen because the Sunni Arab states fear Iran’s motivations and because they believe President Trump can be a bridge between them and Israel.

The Israeli people want a two-state solution. I think many Palestinians want a two-state solution…

You don’t take seriously what people say on the eve of elections. You take seriously what they do when they’re the prime minister, when they’re the president. When the prime minister of Israel said over and over again no pre-conditions. Let’s sit down. We’ll negotiate it, in Ramallah. We’ll negotiate it, in Jerusalem. But not at the United Nations.

I actually think we’re closer than we’ve been before because the Sunni-Shia dispute and the fear that Sunni Arabs now have of the Shia arc — Iran, parts of Iraq, parts of Syria, to Hezbollah — is terrifying to many of the most stable of Arab regimes. And I think they see Israel as a country, that would never harm them, a country that would never attack them, but they see Iran as a country that endangers them.

So I think they want to create alliances between the stable Arab regimes and Israel to offset Iran and I think they see President Trump as somebody who will try to do this because he has the same kind of antagonism toward Iran. So this is a good time to try to sit down and make a deal.

Onan Coca

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