Paul Ryan Undermines Trump Yet Again? [VIDEO]

Even after being endorsed by him, it seems Paul Ryan undermines confidence in Donald Trump.

It is a mystery to me why Paul Ryan undermines Donald Trump, but perhaps this time it was unintentional. Ryan was speaking to donors and he may have wanted to get them motivated.

If Paul Ryan didn’t have a history of opposing Trump, I’d be more inclined to a charitable interpretation of Ryan’s comment.

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Whatever his intentions, there are a couple of facts that make his imagined outcome unlikely.

First, his remarks reflected a week of bad polls. This was meaningless and, by Friday, the race tightened up, with Clinton only ahead by three points.

Secondly, there’s a lot of evidence that Donald Trump is adding to the number of Republican voters. Indeed, that is how he won the primaries. I’ve quoted Joel McDurmon before on how this worked out in Indiana. It’s worth reading again:

Consider these numbers: according to the New York Times’s count, Ted Cruz drew 404,327 votes in this Indiana primary. What you may not realize it that that’s almost more than Romney drew (410,635) as the hand’s-down winner in 2012. It’s 84,000 (or 26%) more than McCain won Indiana with in 2008. In fact, Cruz had more votes in Indiana than any previous winner of that primary except for the almost statistically-irrelevant difference with Romney.

Now, this kind of gives Cruz his due, whatever that may be. In any normal Republican primary, these numbers would clearly have made him the frontrunner and winner in Indiana—in all other cases, by a landslide. But there’s the point. This is not a normal primary. These tremendous numbers in favor of Cruz in reality only serve as a back-drop for the even more impressive public appeal of Donald Trump.

Why? Because on top of the normally-sweeping performance of Ted Cruz’s impressive 404k votes, Donald Trump drew a whopping 587,706.

So Donald Trump added a lot of Republican voters. Typically, the national election brings even more voters out. It is possible and probable that there will be more voters for Republican candidates than ever before.

Yet Ryan says that we may lose Congress. Why?

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