Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Makes Unbelievable Announcement About Washington’s Future

It looks as though the quiet, yet unnerving tension between Speaker of The House Paul Ryan and Commander in Chief Donald Trump is finally coming to end in the swamps of the nation’s capital.

No, this has nothing to do with the impending cluster of revelations that Robert Mueller is planning to reveal sometime in the next few weeks…or months…or, well who knows when.  In this case, it is Ryan who will be riding off into the sunset of his political career.

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, dealing a blow to the Republican Party just months ahead of pivotal congressional elections, said on Wednesday he will not seek re-election to Congress in November and will relinquish his leadership post at the start of 2019.

After months of speculation that he would retire, the 48-year-old Republican speaker announced his decision, setting up a struggle for succession among House Republicans amid mounting concern about the party’s prospects in November, when Democrats are seeking to regain control of Congress from Trump’s fellow Republicans.

“I am announcing today that this year will be my last one in the House,” said Ryan, the 2012 Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee and long-time legislator from Wisconsin.

A prolific fundraiser for the party, Ryan became speaker in late 2015 after then-House Speaker John Boehner, also a Republican, unexpectedly resigned following a series of clashes with right-wing conservatives in the divided party.

There is little doubt that Ryan and the President weren’t the kind of friends who would get together on the weekends, or would even enjoy one another’s company, but when asked if Trump’s time in the Oval Office has anything to do with his decision, Ryan had a rather stern response:

“Not at all”.

Now, whether or not that is to be believed is another thing altogether, with a long history of head butting occurring between the two.

Twitter was absolutely buzzing this morning, both with conspiracy-laden succession concerns and lambasting of Ryan’s ineffective time at the helm of Congress.

Now, we will all have to wait and see just how this effects the shakeup of the 2018 midterms, or, as one user above suggested, the succession plan should Mueller pull some sort of conviction from his derriere.


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