Paul Ryan, George W. Bush, and #NeverTrump Congratulate President-Elect Trump!

On Wednesday, a veritable who’s who of our national leaders reached out to President-elect Donald Trump to offer their congratulations, support, and prayers. There were a few names on the list who might surprise the media, but probably not their supporters.

Former President George W. Bush, whose family has been involved in a year long feud with Mr. Trump, sent a message of congratulations and prayers early Wednesday morning.

“This morning I called President-elect Donald Trump and congratulated him on his election as President of the United States of America. Laura and I wish the President-elect, Melania, and the entire Trump family all our very best as they take on an awesome responsibility and begin an exciting new chapter in their lives. We pray for the success of our country and the success of our new President.”

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House Majority Leader, and frequent foil of Mr. Trump’s supporters, Paul Ryan (R-WI), also had words of praise and support for Mr. Trump.

“This is the most incredible political feat I’ve seen in my lifetime… Donald Trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. He connected in ways with people that no one else did. And now, Donald Trump will lead a unified Republican government…

I think President-elect Donald Trump set the perfect tone last night… this needs to be a time of redemption, not a time of recrimination. We all need to rededicate ourselves to making America great, and making it a more perfect union.”

Ryan also argued that Mr. Trump had earned a “mandate” to lead.

You can see Ryan’s full address here.

Finally, two conservative leaders of the #NeverTrump movement – Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) and columnist David French – both sent their congratulations and prayers along to Mr. Trump.

Senator Sasse:

“On Tuesday, America demanded disruption. My family and I congratulate President-Elect Trump on his decisive victory, and we pray that he will lead wisely and faithfully keep his oath to a Constitution of limited government. Starting today, I will do everything in my power to hold the President to his promises: to fight for an ethics reform package that upends cronyism and enacts term limits; to lead on repealing and replacing ObamaCare; and to nominate judges who reject law-making by unelected courts. Melissa and I wish the new First Family the best in the coming transition.”

Over at the National Review, David French offered similar sentiments.

“He (Trump) is now my president-elect and the future commander-in-chief of the most powerful military the world has ever seen. I pray earnestly and unambiguously that God may bless him, grant him wisdom, and open his ears to wise counsel. I pray earnestly and unambiguously that I end up being just as wrong about his character and capabilities as I was about his political prospects. I want him to be good, to be wise, and to be worthy of the Oval Office…”

French also took the time to revel in Hillary Clinton’s defeat, pointing out that many conservative #NeverTrumpers were also #NeverHillary.

“At the same time that I’ve been Never Trump, I have also been Never Hillary. There is a measure of real justice in the America’s rejection of Hillary Clinton. The electorate has directly and intentionally rebuked her corruption, her double standards, and her arrogance…”

French then urged Mr. Trump and the GOP to immediately set about the work of undoing the tremendous amount of damage done by the Obama era.

“Moreover, with the GOP retaining the House and Senate, there are many, many good and principled conservatives returning to Washington. They have the opportunity to right an enormous number of statutory and regulatory wrongs.”

Hopefully the fact that these voices have so quickly come together in support and congratulations of President-elect Trump means that the GOP-led government can quickly and decisively consolidate their power and set right the many wrongs of the Obama era. I also hope that it means the divisive GOP primary can now be placed firmly behind us and that the bitter anger from all sides can be forgotten. We need a united GOP if we want any hope of reenergizing the sleeping giant of American prosperity.

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