Paul Ryan Accuses Donald Trump of Threatening Violence [VIDEO]

While he promises that he won’t allow himself to be drafted as the presidential candidate, Paul Ryan accuses Donald Trump of threatening riots.

Paul Ryan accuses Donald Trump of several things, including “disfiguring conservatism.”

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I’m somewhat sympathetic to the charge that Donald Trump isn’t really a conservative. But neither was John McCain, Mitt Romney, or even Paul Ryan (though he was better at pretending to be one while he was Romney’s running mate).

But let’s consider a more serious accusation.

The New York Times reports,

Mr. Ryan said it appeared increasingly likely that the party’s gathering in Cleveland would indeed be contested, which would make it possible for Republicans to nominate someone other than whoever has the most delegates when the primary contests end in June.

But he faulted Mr. Trump for raising the prospect of rioting.

“Nobody should say such things in my opinion, because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable,” Mr. Ryan told reporters at his weekly news briefing.

Are you kidding? The Republican establishment is openly saying they want to appoint a person who is not the front runner. Before the nation’s eyes, a wealthy cartel will choose who will be the Republican nominee. Are they to make such decisions without considering the possible blowback that the GOP will receive?

For all we know, Donald Trump simply read a headline on Drudge about Cleveland investing in riot gear ahead of the convention. Is Paul Ryan going to condemn the city for their actions? After all, the city government is definitely giving us a “hint” about violence at the convention.

If Trump doesn’t have the delegates, then at least there will be an excuse to shut him out. But I seriously expect 1) that Trump will have the delegate count to avoid a brokered convention and 2) the oligarchy that controls the Republican Party will shut him out anyway.

But I can’t say what might happen next because such prognostications are not allowed.

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