Paul Finebaum Show bows knee to Marxist overlords at ESPN

The Paul Finebaum show disappointed me. Paul Finebaum should of told ESPN where they should stick it.

The Paul Finebaum Show has been a staple when it comes to the SEC.  ESPN has turned into a liberal haven of political correctness. Paul Finebaum was forced to apologize on the air for telling the truth for standing up for America and its flag. The Paul Finebaum show now has turned into a slave to ESPN.  This apology is ridiculous:

ESPN host Paul Finebaum is forced to apologize on air for saying that, while America does have other problems, oppressing black people is not one of them.

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Newsbusters makes a good point, noting “Finebaum’s guest, Marcus Spears, who is black, actually agrees with him when he says that blacks are not oppressed.”

ESPN needed to find the perfect white guy to target. As a result, they found it in soft spoken Paul Finebaum. ESPN has a long history of punishing people for not bowing before the altar of political correctness and liberalism. First of all, this goes back to the days of ESPN going after Rush Limbaugh to firing Kurt Schilling  and also celebrating the odious nasty gay kiss of Michael Sam.   Most noteworthy, sports has been infiltrated with liberal media for a long time, but ESPN is the worst example.

ESPN has always looked down their nose on the Southeastern Conference and the Paul Finebaum Show is the perfect target.

Consequently, the Southeastern Conference is hated by ESPN along with national media outlets. The SEC is hands down the strongest conference in the nation. While they are not undefeated all the time, they are tough and unapologetic. Probably, it has mostly to do with a deep south culture that lives and loves football. Kids are raised on football in the southeast. The Southeastern Conference has always been renegades. Many coaches, including Bobby Bowden, Mark Richt and others are unafraid to stand for their Christian Faith. ESPN saw the perfect opportunity to cut down the SEC a few notches, and they decided to do it by forcing the Paul Finebaum show to bow at their politically correct altar.

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