Parsing, Nitpicking, and Other Childish Games

This past week the media, the Democrat Party, and even some Republicans took Donald Trump to task for not saying negative stuff about Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s warm words for Putin have raised the hackles of fellow Republicans and put his allies in the awkward position of claiming their party’s standard-bearer is not really praising the Russian leader. It has particularly alarmed the GOP’s hawkish national security wing, which hews almost universally to its longstanding view of Russia as an implacable foe of the United States.
Trump inflamed the situation Thursday evening by criticizing U.S. foreign policy during an interview broadcast on RT America, a television network owned by the Russian government that often toes the Kremlin’s line. He even dismissed U.S. officials’ concern that Russia may be seeking to disrupt the Nov. 8 election as “pretty unlikely,” though he went on to say that any such interference would be “inappropriate”…
Trump also declared that Putin had been a better leader than President Barack Obama — “Certainly in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been” — an assertion that his running mate, Mike Pence, on Thursday called “inarguable.”

The Trump campaign did argue that they’re no fans of Putin and that Trump is simply responding honestly to the questions asked of him. But really, what does the media want Trump to say about Putin?

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Vladimir may be repugnant in every way, but he happens to be someone Trump will have to deal with.  You guys are so naive it’s frightening.  Is he supposed to go around reminding every one of Putin’s past and then hope the future will be brighter as a result?  Margaret Thatcher saw a path to diplomacy.  So did Reagan.  So did Bush.  What do you want?

The truth is that two people can respect one another on a human basis irrespective of policy. Man to man, Trump and Putin have a lot in common, but they use power for different reasons and to achieve different goals.  Putin and Hillary love power for power’s sake; to wield it for personal gain. Trump loves to use power to advance the people’s goals.  But you have to take Trump’s words in context, for you cannot be so naive as to believe he loves what KGB  Putin has done?  Putin comes with the territory; Trump will have to deal with him, and if he can deal from a positive position, then why not?  Haven’t we got a lot of other problems to worry about – like ISIS? And an America going down the moral and ethical tubes?

The wonder of it all is that this corrupt woman is actually a presidential candidate.  It defies logic.  It defies common sense.  If people are “afraid of Donald Trump” it’s because the media, and even some in Fox have done their jobs well.  He’s about the least frightening person on the political scene – but then TRUTH is sometimes like the red cape to a bull, or the cross to Dracula.

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