Parkland Versus YouTube: Why The Mainstream Media’s Coverage Differs

It has been well over 6 weeks since the horrific Valentine’s Day mental illness tragedy in Parkland, Florida, and the media is still spending enormous amounts of effort to promote the anti-gun agenda of the democratic left.

Meanwhile, less than 24 hours after a shooting rampage at YouTube headquarters in ultraliberal California, and the mainstream media is already attempting to downplay the incident.  This begs, (pleads, demands), the question:  Why on earth are these incidents receiving separate treatment?

As far as we can tell, there have been no calls for a national march on Washington D.C., or even the California State Capitol, in order to subvert the all important Second Amendment, and anti-gun YouTube employees are certainly not receiving the same attention even today that David Hogg has – even though Hogg’s usefulness has definitely run its course.

The reason here is simple:  YouTube’s shooter was a hard-left domestic terrorist who was railing against the media platform’s recent demonetization of her content.

Nasim Aghdam, 39, of San Diego, a self-described “vegan bodybuilder,” was found dead inside YouTube headquarters in San Bruno after allegedly wounding three people. Aghdam was reported missing on Monday by her father Ismail Aghdam, who told police his daughter might be heading to YouTube because she “hated” the company, Mercury Newsreported.

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“She was always complaining that YouTube ruined her life,” Shahran Aghdam, the alleged shooter’s brother, also told reporters, according to Mercury News.

Nasim has also been tied to some of the more militant outposts within the animal rights community, including Peta, who have long held ties to known terror outfits such as the Animal Liberation Front, who was responsible for firebombing a Michigan State University building back in the 1990’s.

In the pre-dawn hours of February 28, 1992, a makeshift bomb detonated in the first floor office of a prominent animal science professor at Michigan State University. The explosion and the resulting blaze injured no one, but spread into three nearby workspaces before firefighters put it out.

When the smoke cleared, more than three decades of research, some of it unpublished, had been reduced to ash. In addition to the lost data, the fire caused more than $1 million in property damage. (The attack and the criminal case that followed were coveredextensively by the Lansing State Journal.)

The Animal Liberation Front, an extremist animal rights collective, immediately claimed responsibility. In a news release, the group said it had targeted the office because researchers had conducted cruel experiments on minks.

Nasim was also railing against YouTube’s censorship of her beliefs, claiming that the video sharing platform had reduced the amount of money she was able to make via her strange videos…a complaint that is usually reserved for conservative groups who are being wholly disenfranchised by the oft-liberal outlet.

In the case of Parkland, Florida’s mental illness tragedy, guns somehow became the target of the left’s witch hunt.  In the case of Nasim Aghdam, however, neither guns, nor YouTube’s censorship is being blamed.  In fact – the left has yet to take any stance on the issue, opting instead to suddenly become journalists and simply report the facts.  And while this is a nice change from the last month and a half of opinion disguised as truth, it wholly negates the issue at hand: Namely that the left is allowed to get away with blatant terrorism due to their self-perceived moral high ground, while the Second Amendment is blame for mental illness.

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