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Parkland Fathers Left-Wingery Came Before His Daughter at Kavanaugh Hearing

Nothing is sacred to liberals and a father who lost his daughter in the shooting at a Florida high school showed once again how left-wingers always let their left-wingery come first, even over the memory of their own dead children.

During Wednesday’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Fred Guttenberg abruptly approached the desk where Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sitting, lunged toward him, and tried to pull a political stunt using our confirmation process as his personal left-wing platform.

So, who is this guy? Guttenberg lost his daughter to a deranged teenaged gunman in February of this year when the killer invaded Majory Stoneman Douglas High School with guns blazing. Sadly, once the incident ended, Mr. Guttenberg found that his dauther, Jamie Guttenberg, 14, was among the victims.

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Guttenberg quickly became an anti-gun activist from that moment and now he uses his daughter’s death to fuel his cause.

And that is exactly what he did during the hearing.

Guttenberg tried to rush Kavanaugh to “shake his hand,” and Kavanaugh sensibly did not do so.

After all, Kavanaugh had no clue who this random doofuss was approaching him during the break in the proceedings. For all Kavanaugh knew it was some nut that would have made him look bad if photos showing him shaking hands were passed around. And that isn’t even to mention the room full of loony liberal protesters that had been infesting the room all morning. For all Kavanaugh knew, this guy would even turn violent. That’s what liberals to, to be sure.

Kavanaugh was 100 percent right to avoid this intruder. But in fact, it doesn’t even look like he “avoided” Guttenberg at all.

As an aside, we should note that some security guy whose job it was to keep unauthorized people away from Kavanaugh should be losing his job right now. No one should have been able to approach the judge in this setting. This was a total failure on the part of the security guy.

Indeed, the situation did give this activist a chance to spin the incident to push his left-wing, anti-American agenda.

Right after Kavanaugh supposedly refused to shake Guttenberg’s hand the activist ran to Twitter to crow: “Just walked up to Judge Kavanaugh as morning session ended. Put out my hand to introduce myself as Jaime Guttenberg’s dad. He pulled his hand back, turned his back to me and walked away. I guess he did not want to deal with the reality of gun violence.”

Of course, Guttenberg never had any intention other than to find a way to spin his meeting with Kavanaugh into an attack on the jurist. Guttenberg was disingenuous from word go. Guttenberg had an attack already prepared if Kavanaugh did not shake his hand, but he also had an attack ready to push even if Kavanaugh had smiled and shook his hand.

Then the truth is also a different thing than the way Guttenberg characterized it.

Kavanaugh did not “turn away” from a grieving dad. The truth is — and the video shows — that Guttenbeg was pulled away by security before Kavanaugh even had much time to react to the intrusion. The video shows that Kavanaugh is moved off by security. He did not “turn his back” on the activist.

So, not only is Guttenberg willing to use his daughter’s murder to push his left-wing agenda, he is willing to sully her memory by using her in a concocted lie. Guttenberg is standing on the grave of his daughter just to score cheap political points and perpetrate political stunts.

Liberals are disgusting human beings.

Here is the video. Clearly Kavanaugh had no idea who this guy was or what he was doing and then security cut in and led the judge away. There was no “turning a back” on Guttenberg.

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