PARIS TERROR: Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Causes Eiffel Tower Evacuation

Europe has been completely under the thumb of international terrorism for years now, with Paris being one of the dastardly jihadists favorite targets.

France’s capital, the so-called City of Love, has been a symbol for Europe and democracy for some time.  It’s iconic skyline and distinct personality rivals only London, Tokyo, and New York City for their singular and unmistakable feel.

This is precisely why terrorists choose Paris.

Terror isn’t about winning a war or decimating an opponent’s numbers.  Terror is a system in which fear is the goal and the weapon.  In Paris, radical Islamic terror has taken a new shape, with the Syrian refugee crisis acting as a conduit through which these heinous soldiers of Allah’s holy war can funnel themselves across the European continent, ready to strike at any moment.  Attacks throughout the French capital have been occurring in increasing frequency as of late as well, and this weekend was no exception.

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“French police arrested an intruder brandishing a knife at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday night which led the monument to be evacuated, sources said.

“The man, who is aged around 19 and has a history of psychological problems, forced his way past security guards and then shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is Greatest’), a legal source told AFP.

“Armed soldiers who are permanently stationed at the Eiffel Tower ordered him to drop his weapon, which he did without attacking anyone, the source said, asking not to be named.

“The man, who was apparently alone, was ‘very quickly overpowered and arrested’ and nobody was hurt, a statement from the company that runs the monument said.

“After the arrest, police at the site checked the venue and called for it to be evacuated at around 00:30, 15 minutes before the Eiffel Tower normally closes, the statement added.”

Luckily for all involved, this situation was handled with extreme haste.

That hasn’t always been the case, especially in Paris, where multiple terrorists committed atrocious, coordinated attacks in 2015, targeting concert venues and soccer matches simultaneously.  This has led to a state of emergency being designated throughout the entire nation that continues to this day.

While countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland have rebuked the European Union’s requests to meet refugee relocation quotas, France has continued to allow these migrants to cross their borders.  Given the relaxed border control policies installed in the wake of the refugee crisis, terror groups such as ISIS have openly admitted to exploiting the system in order to move their soldiers throughout the continent.

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