Parents Shocked as Reading List for 4-Year Olds Includes Transgender Book

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A gay and transgender advocacy group put books all about transgender individuals on a reading list for three to four-year-olds to read in the United Kingdom.

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The London LGBTQ advocacy group “Educate and Celebrate” created the reading lists. The organization, funded by the Department of Education, seeks to“implement an LGBT+Inclusive curriculum to successfully eradicate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia from our nursery, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, organizations and communities,” according to the group’s website.

Nursery and school reading lists now feature books such as “Introducing Teddy: A Gentle Story About Gender and Friendship” and “Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?”, according to The Sunday Times.

“The book collections we have sourced for schools are much needed to break the heteronormative model to reflect real-life families, which come in all different shapes and sizes,” said Educate and Celebrate founder Elly Barnes, the Times reports. “Our young people are not born racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic.”

“The problem lies with the grown-ups and giving them the confidence and the resources to be inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation—the books provide an accessible way for teachers to do this,” Barnes said.

Both of the books listed above feature characters that not only question their gender, but wish that they were of the opposite gender.

“In my heart, I’ve always known that I’m a girl teddy, not a boy teddy. I wish my name was Tilly, not Thomas,” reads a line from Introducing Teddy. “Isn’t it time we stopped putting our children in pink and blue boxes?” wrote book author Sarah Savage in the description of her book.

Other education leaders, however, don’t agree with Savage’s methods and say that educating children at such a young age about changing genders is inappropriate.

“They are inflicting adult neuroses about gender onto children who are not interested in gender,” said Chris McGovern of the Campaign for Real Education. “They are inflicting adult neuroses about gender onto children who are not interested in gender.”

“Adults need to stop thinking children see the world the way they do,” McGovern continued. “They may play at being a goblin one day, a dragon the next… inflicting adult neuroses about gender onto children is damaging and cruel.” (RELATED: Gay Activists Are Furious Because Teacher Can’t Tell Fifth Graders To Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns)

A taxpayer-funded school in the U.S. recently reassigned a fifth-grade teacher after she told the little kids in her classroom to address her with the title “Mx.” and refer to her using the third-person plural pronouns “they,” “them” and “their” because she identifies as gender neutral. 🇺🇸

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