Parents Heartbroken After Child Taken Due to ADHD Diagnosis Disagreement


Raising children in America, especially after 8 years of liberal overlords in the White House, can be an extremely frustrating endeavor at times.

Former President Barack Obama, and his fellow democratic dummies spent an inordinate amount of time on regulating the entirety of Americans’ lives while in office, the way that liberals do, and some of those unnecessary regulations affected the way that private citizens can raise their own children.

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One of the most egregious was a decree by the then lame-duck President that every bathroom in every public school be open to everyone, as a way to accommodate students who may be identifying as a gender other than their biologically accurate gender.  This was all part of Obama’s mysterious obsessions with transgender rights, that appeared wildly in the late stages of his thankfully finished second term.

While that forceful piece of Presidential tampering certainly irked a great many American parents and schoolchildren who felt that the idea of gender fluid bathrooms was a dangerous one, it has opened the door for public schools, and the government that oversees them, to interfere with nearly any aspect of a child’s life as it pertains to their education.

One Ohio family learned that the hard way.

“One set of parents in Ohio is outraged after Child Protective Services took their child from his home on what many would call extremely flimsy grounds. According to these parents, CPS removed their 7-year-old child from their home after they refused to have their child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on the school’s insistence.

“Camden Maple is a typical young boy, according to his stepmother, Katie Maple. He’s energetic and ‘rambunctious,’ acting out in class when he gets bored ‘like children sometimes do.’ According to her, the Bowman Primary School in Lebanon, Ohio believes his rambunctious side stems from ADHD. According to the Maples, Camden’s behavior stems from not being challenged in the classroom.

“’They are alleging that Camden has a mental condition (without ever speaking to him or as so much as laying an eye on him) so severe that it warrants removing him from his home and family and placing him in the care of children services,’ says Katie. ‘They have zero proof of any such condition and zero proof of any parental wrongdoing, but yet the court ordered him removed? How can this be? How can CPS get away with ripping children from loving homes without just cause?'”

Katie’s question is an extremely valid one, and one that no mother should ever have to ask.  With school teachers acting more and more as parental judges than educators in the public school system, it is no wonder that many parents within the United States have turned to homeschooling their children in recent years.


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