Paradise Turns Purgatorial As Volcanoes, Earthquakes Assault America

For Americans, no place quite exemplifies our idea of a tropical paradise more than our 50th state: Hawaii.

A land where the only piece of the native language you need to know is “Aloha”, (which is versatile in its use as well), many of us consider Hawaii the benchmark of American tourism.  If you play your cards right, work hard, and focus, you too can have yourself the quintessential paradise with just a 6 hour flight from LAX.  (And trust us, when you get to the liberal wastelands of coastal California, you’ll be ready to jet out of there).

This week, however, the people of Hawaii has a far more terrifying distinction to claim as their own, after one of the Island state’s volcanoes came to life, effecting a number of residential areas.

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s largest island has erupted, prompting a local state of emergency and mandatory evacuation of over 1,700 residents.

Rivers of lava can be seen running through the woods and across roads. Dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide gas have also been detected in the area, according to the Civil Defense Agency.

Talmadge Mango, the civil defense administrator for Hawaii County, has reported that power lines have melted off their poles near the lava flow.

“Seismic activity is still extremely high, so we feel that this might just be the beginning of things,” he said.

Due to the increased seismic activity, officials had warned residents that they should be prepared to evacuate with little to no warning.

The Puu Oo volcanic crater vent collapsed earlier this week, sending lava down the mountain slope and towards populated areas.

Now, a new threat has emerged as well, as seismic activity around the island chain continues to increase.

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This is a Civil Defense message for Friday, May 4, 2018 at 11:40 a.m.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports an earthquake occurred at approximately 11:33 AM today.

This earthquake was not large enough to cause a tsunami for the island of Hawai’i. I say again, there is no tsunami threat to the island of Hawai’i.

Preliminary data indicates that the earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.6 was centered in the vicinity of the south flank of Kilauea Volcano.

As in all earthquakes, be aware of the possibility of aftershocks. If the earthquake was strongly felt in your area, precautionary checks should be made for any damages; especially to utility connections of gas, water, and electricity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Hawaii, and we can only hope for a quick and painless resolution to the volcanoes current situation.

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