Paradise Papers

“Paradise Papers” Leak Threatens Offshore Accounts of Global Elite

While CNN and the rest of the mainstream media miscreants continue to fight over a videotape of President Trump feeding koi in Japan, there are incredibly important things happening back in reality.

One of those massive, earthshaking revelations comes to us in the form of the “Paradise Papers”, a play on words regarding the “Panama Papers” – with both sets of documents providing an insider glimpse into the world of wealthy international finance.

In the case of the “Paradise Papers”, we are being given access to literally billions of documents detailing the offshore accounts of the rich, famous, and stately.  Given the often illicit nature of the sort of wealth that necessitates offshore security, these leaked files contain some of the deepest and darkest secrets of the global elite, and the mainstream media’s lack of coverage is downright appalling. 

“It’s called the Paradise Papers: the latest in a series of leaks made public by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists shedding light on the trillions of dollars that move through offshore tax havens.

“The core of the leak, totaling more than 13.4 million documents, focuses on the Bermudan law firm Appleby, a 119-year old company that caters to blue chip corporations and very wealthy people. Appleby helps clients reduce their tax burden; obscure their ownership of assets like companies, private aircraft, real estate and yachts; and set up huge offshore trusts that in some cases hold billions of dollars.

“As with the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers leak came through a duo of reporters at the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and was then shared with I.C.I.J., a Washington-based group that won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the millions of records of a Panamanian law firm. The release of that trove of documents led to the resignation of one prime minister last year and to the unmasking of the wealth of people close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.”

This massive trove of paperwork has created a considerable task for the investigative journalists who are looking to disseminate the incriminating evidence within, and we will likely be inundated with Paradise-related information in the coming weeks.

Today’s reveal, however, has been barely, if at all covered by mainstream sources, once again reiterating an allegiance to the elitist overlords that clamor to control the international narrative.  They too will be affected by the information that will soon be public knowledge, as the pillars of fame and fortune continue to crumble around the globe’s more ordinary citizenry.  Hollywood, the Democrats, and now the global elite, all taking fire from the truth in less than a month…

…This could truly be the beginning of something incredible for human civilization, but only if these facts come to light – something that CNN and others are refusing to let happen.

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