North Korea

The Pandora’s Box of Preemptive War

By Ron Paul

There has been much discussion in recent days about the possibility of “preemptive” war with North Korea, a possibility which worries many Americans greatly. Not because anyone believes that North Korea could defeat the United States in war, but because of the worries of our nation finding itself in yet another military conflict. Preemptive war was the topic of discussion on a recent episode of Ron Paul’s Liberty Report.

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“We have to fight them over there, so we won’t have to fight them here.” Was it George W. Bush? Nope. The statement goes all the way back to President Truman, who warned that if we didn’t fight the Korean war we’d have to fight commies in Wichita. The whole idea of pre-emptive war is nothing more than false propaganda. Today’s Liberty Report takes on the myths that lead us to war:

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