Palestinian Leaders are Teaching their Children to Hate and Murder Jews

From time to time I receive email from anti-Semites who are upset that we at express support for the state of Israel and more broadly for our Jewish friends.

Yes, I will admit it, we are openly supportive of the Jewish people and we will continue to be supportive of them as they battle fascist Islam.

However, our support for our Jewish friends goes further than that. It is built on thousands of years of persecution of a small group of people by a harsh world. It is buttressed by one of the worst targeted mass killings in the history of our planet, the Holocaust. And it is reinvigorated every day as we watch the Muslim world join with European socialists to attack and undermine the state of Israel.

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Israel is the only “good guy” left in the Middle East. They are the only MidEast nation that affords women the same rights that are enjoyed by men. They are the only nation that isn’t openly slaughtering homosexuals in the streets. They are the only nation to bestow the same rights on Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, and other minority groups – no matter their religious affiliations. They are the only nation that doesn’t openly practice racism in their political and judicial philosophies. They are the only “good guys” in the Middle East, and this video offers a glimpse into what they’re dealing with from their Palestinian neighbors.


Onan Coca

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