Pakistani Security Forces Going to the Mattresses

Editorial credit: Asianet-Pakistan / Shutterstock, Inc.

After a suicide bomber attacked the Lal Shahbaz Qalander shrine in Sehwan on Thursday, Pakistani security forces have killed over a hundred terrorist and made sizable apprehensions according to a military operations update.

That, however, has not kept  angry protesters from shouting at police outside the Sufi shrine. Ali Hussain told Reuters that the Sufis had asked for more security after a separate bombing kill 13 people in Lahore.

According to, Sufi is a Muslim movement whose followers seek to find divine truth and love through direct encounters with god. Sufis have traditionally taken vows of poverty and celibacy.

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So, to put it in American terms, it is basically as if the Methodist decided to kill Catholic Priest, since The Taliban is assumed to be behind the attacks.

Now I’m no expert on the Muslim religion, and there are way too many Terrorist groups doing awful things in the name of that religion for me to keep up with.

What I do know is this: there are smarter and more well informed people in the United States of America who are charged with keeping this violence off our soil. I also know that when they try to do exactly that some of the morons people that carry signs and live in this country protest them for it.

You know I never, except for in political situations, hear of such a thing happening.  If a company recalls all of its products because one person got sick you don’t say they’re overreaching. You don’t take to the streets to say how awful they are that they took away all of the bananas because somebody who probably left the little yellow fella sitting on THEIR the nasty counter with week old egg yuck got sick after eating it.  Nope instead you say thank you for taking them away and you lay off eating them for a while.  I suppose most people are different from fruit- as long as they have made it out of the womb that is. But the premise remains.

One indisputable fact: You hit the Pakistanis – They hit back! I used to live in a country like that. I hope to do so again one day soon.

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