‘Paid Protester’ Complaints by Mainstream Media DESTROYED

There are certainly no shortage of ways in which the mainstream media is attempting to cling to relevancy, with many of their tactics being downright loathsome.

Of course, there is the rampant censorship of the conservative point of view online, in which clandestine organizations determine whether or not your ideologies are “conspiracy theories”, and then, using the precedent set against Alex Jones, those “conspiracy theories” constitute “hate speech”.  It’s a bizarre transmutation of reality, but given the left’s indelible grip on the media at large, there is very little that we can do about it.

One of these “conspiracy theories” that seems to be a focal point of the dozens of fly-by-night “fact checking” organizations is the idea that some protesters are doing so not for their own personal reasons, but simply for cold, hard cash.  Simply mentioning this here could get me a “demerit” from some random “fact checker” who believes that their organization has some sort of authority over another “fact checking” organization.

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Someday, when the left has finished trampling on the First Amendment, I’ll explain it all to you…that is, if they don’t ban me from the internet first.

On that note, evidence has emerged that the screaming “elevator activist” who confronted Senator Jeff Flake just days ago actually is a paid protester, galvanizing the much-criticized claims of President Trump.

Remember folks, if they come for me, it will be because this “conspiracy theory” is somehow distorted as “hate speech”.

We must be realistic here, and eschew the facade of political correctness in order to save our nation from this mass discrimination.  We are allowed to think freely, and we are allowed to question authority.  That is precisely why the First Amendment was created in the first place, and why it landed at the premiere spot in the Constitution.

If we fail to remember that, there will soon only be one opinion allowed in the public space, and that, my friends, is fascism.

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