Company Sends Email to Customers Calling Trump Voters… RACISTS!

By Onan Coca November 19, 2016
The latest example of liberal insanity comes to us from the fine folks at Penzeys Spices, who decided to send out an email blast this past week, deriding their Trump voting customers as racists!

The Left’s Losing Its Mind Over Trump’s Possible Cabinet Appointments Should Tell You Something

By Warner Todd Huston November 16, 2016
The media's attempt to destroy the presidency of Donald J Trump before it even fairly begins is purring along nicely. Last week we were told Trump didn't really expect to win and is unprepared to serve.

The Leftist Hate Organization Southern Poverty Law Center has No Business Attacking Stephen Bannon

By Gary DeMar November 16, 2016
Any time the liberal media want to disparage the right side of the political spectrum, they call on a pool of go-to guys and gals to make their case for them. It’s not news reporting; it’s ideological position marketing designed to destroy the competition. One of their go-to guys is Mark Potok of the hard-left […]

The Crucifixion of Judge Roy Moore

By Matt Barber October 20, 2016
Under the “progressive” leadership of Barack Obama and his like-minded “social justice” warriors throughout all levels of government, we have entered an era of lawlessness unprecedented in American history.

You Won’t Believe What Public Schools Are Doing Now for Students Hurt by the “Trump Effect”

By 🇺🇸 July 2, 2016
The WA education department is urging their schools to prepare students for “increasing levels of fear and anxiety” because of the so-called “Trump effect.”

It’s Not Easy Being a ‘Pro-Rape’ Muslim Blogger

By Tad Cronn February 22, 2016
Is It Just ‘Islamophobia’?