Pacquiao Claims Philippines’ President Appointed by God to Rid Nation of Drug Problem

It is strange to hear in our day. Many if not most people do not think like this anymore. Who believes that God appoints the leaders of countries? This is so far from the thinking of every day (humanist) Christians that most would want to deny such a claim outright.

But this does not seem to be a strange thing for boxing legend turned Philippine senator. The Senator has come out as an ally to the current president.

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Breitbart reports

Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao – better known internationally as one of the most successful prize fighters of the 21st century – has vowed his full support for President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on drugs, asserting that he believes that God sent Duterte to save the nation.

Referring to Duterte as “the anointed one” in an interview with Reuters, Pacquiao vowed his full support for the president, who assumed the nation’s top office in June after making the eradication of drug crime by any means necessary the cornerstone of his campaign. Since then,

Duterte has established a bounty for civilians who personally detain or kill drug offenders and promised police who kill drug suspects absolution should they be charged with homicide.

Most people will immediately reject the notion that God has sent a political leader. This is just not how they see God working. God is not concerned with the things of this world, they will say. Therefore, why would God try and save a nation?

The answer is simple. God is working to bring all the nations into Zion (The Church), and he will do so (Is. 60).

The question now is whether this is the right means to use. Should punishment be meted out without due process?

That is what does not fit with the Word of God.

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