Owner of Gun Store Where Orlando Shooter Bought Guns Speaks Out on Gun Laws [VIDEO]

Ed Henson is the owner of St. Lucie Shooting Center where Omar Mateen purchased two firearms – the firearms allegedly used by the Orlando shooter to commit mass murder at a nightclub. At a press conference, Henson laid out the facts of Florida gun laws and dispelled myths being perpetrated by the media:

It seems Mr. Henson – an ex-NYPD officer – complied completely with the laws.

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Can you imagine if Mateen were denied his firearms by Henson? Henson would be in hot water for “discrimination.” Like the storeowner said, if Mateen hadn’t gotten his guns from his store, he would have gotten them from somewhere else. Since there wasn’t any legal reason to deny Mateen his firearms, Henson sold him what he wanted, just as he would any other customer.

As much as the media would love to try to pin Mateen’s murderous act on Henson for selling the guns, Henson had nothing to do with it. He wasn’t “linked to the shooter,” as CNN had in their video heading. If a drunk driver ends up killing another driver, it’s not the fault of the liquor store for selling the alcohol.

So far, the media narrative has focused on the “evil” of guns, particularly the “scary,” black ones they call “assault weapons” or “weapons of war.”

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At the same time, we’re told not to judge an entire group – Muslims – by the actions of a tiny minority – Omar Mateen…(and many others). We’re told that this mass murder committed by the Orlando shooter had nothing to do with the peaceful religion of Islam. In fact, it didn’t even have to do with ISIS, according to the President. It was “homegrown extremism.”

If we’re not supposed to allow this one incident to taint our opinion of an entire religious group, then why is it that we’re supposed to judge all gun owners by this minority of gun owners who commit horrific acts?

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