Overwhelming Majority of Americans, including Women, Support Trump on Abortion

In recent days the Democrat Party and their partners in the liberal media have been making hay about President Trump’s dueling decision to reinstate the Mexico City policy (banning funding for international abortions), and to support a new bill that would forever enshrine the Hyde Amendment (banning federal funding of abortion) into permanent law.

The hue and cry that lifted from liberal corners of the nation likely made many wonder if such decisions were prudent. However, as the dust has settled on the March for Life (which saw more people march in D.C. than on inauguration day), results from the most recent Marist Poll have an interesting story to tell.

The latest Marist Poll on abortion finds that while a slim majority (52%) of Americans consider themselves “pro-choice,” an overwhelming majority (83%) support Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate the Mexico City policy. It also finds that 61% of Americans oppose the use of federal tax dollars to pay for abortions here in the U.S.

Not only that, 74% of Americans believe that there should be restrictions on abortion access, just 25% agree with Hillary Clinton and the Democrat leadership that abortion should be universally accessible. While 52% of Americans would call themselves pro-choice, 59% of Americans believe that abortion is always immoral.

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Perhaps the two most telling of all of the poll numbers are these: 59% of Americans support banning abortion after 20 weeks (except to save the life of the mother), and a full 50% believe that abortions cause more harm than good in the long run.

What do all these numbers tell us when taken together? While Hillary Clinton tried to paint her GOP opponents as “extremists” during the campaign, when the truth is that the vast majority of Americans agree with the pro-life GOP and NOT the pro-death Democrats.

If you were watching the media coverage of the recent “women’s marches” you may have noticed that the media enjoys pretending that the American people are divided on abortion. But as the numbers bear out, we are far more unified than the media likes to let on… and we are growing more unified as the science advances. Senator Marco Rubio recently wrote an op-ed on this subject explaining how the science is advancing our cause.

From Rubio’s Facebook Page:

The more the science of embryology and neurological developments is researched and better understood, the more clear it has become that every unborn child is a person. This scientific fact is why abortion advocates resort to justifying millions of abortions by pointing to the most infrequently reported reasons. In the last two years in Florida, less than one-third of one percent of all abortions were performed due to rape or incest, according to Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. Out of 135,687 abortions, only .047 percent were performed because the mother’s life was endangered. The vast majority of abortions (92 percent) were simply elective. 

This may be the most important fight we engage in, folks. This is a true “life or death” matter and each day brings new victims, we can’t lose heart now. In the wake of the 2017 March for Life, let us redouble our efforts to fight the scourge of abortion and end this evil holocaust of the next generation.


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