Outnumbered, Surrounded Trump Stands Tall Against Left

I’d say President Trump was in the modern equivalent of the Shootout at O.K. Corral, but Wyatt Earp had backup.

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It seems like Trump’s virtually on his own.

I know Trump has a staff, but so far, they haven’t really helped. In fact, a couple of them are just digging deeper holes for the boss.

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We know the Democrats are doing everything short of declaring actual war on the White House in order to sabotage Trump.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown a couple of days ago signed an executive order strengthening the state’s existing laws preventing police from cooperating with ICE in capturing illegal immigrants. Expanding the law to all state agencies, Brown’s order effectively makes Oregon a sanctuary state in defiance of federal law and President Trump.

The other Left Coast wacko preserve, California, is running to catch up as the Legislature moves a bill to make their own sanctuary state through committee. The other Governor Brown, Jerry Moonbeam, is anxious for that one to land on his desk as a stopgap until the secession of the entire state, which at the very least will have to wait for a public vote.

Texas is fighting against a Democratic move to create sanctuary cities within its own borders. The Texas Senate passed a bill late on Friday that would withhold grant funding from any cities that refuse to hand over illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has released at least 39 criminal immigrants in the past few days.

Then there was the Bush-appointed judge who hamstrung the new Administration by issuing a restraining order against Trump’s temporarily blocking immigration from Syria and six other countries. The State Department has now reversed Trump’s order, at least until the Administration can win an appeal.

Democratic members of Congress have piled on and even led the charge to destroy Trump. Maxine Waters, one of the leaders of the liberal brain trust, has said her fondest wish is “to lead him right into impeachment.”

It’s not just external attacks Trump needs to worry about, though. It’s obvious that there are Democratic operatives — as in agents intent on espionage — cocooned inside the Trump Administration. Some of them have gone so far as to set up encrypted email networks to coordinate efforts. Leaks have come from close to the Oval Office, and Trump is encountering resistance even in the Pentagon, which should frighten anyone who places this country above their own socialist dogma.

In this climate of constant attack from enemies, the last thing Trump needs is to be undermined by his friends. Unfortunately, that’s probably what Senior Adviser Stephen Miller did unintentionally when he gave an interview on ABC News and said Trump “has a better sense of the pulse of the people than any president at least since Andrew Jackson.”

Let’s pause a moment and ponder the stupidity of that statement. Your president is in the midst of a whirlwind attack from panicked crybaby leftists wailing about roundups and internment camps because of the botched implementation of his immigration policy, and you’re charged with representing him to the public. So, naturally, your instincts tell you to compare your president to Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party, whose policies led to the rounding up of American Indians, death marching them a thousand miles across the Mississippi and basically imprisoning them in crappy lands “reserved” for them, all so constituents could grow cotton and future generations could enjoy a retirement home and amusement park empire in Florida.

Back when President Obama compared himself with Lincoln, it was stupid and narcissistic. But one gets the sense here that Miller, who is supposed to be some sort of genius, actually was just flipping through his Time-Life series on the presidents, saw Andrew Jackson’s portrait and thought, gee, now there’s a strapping fellow with big hair, just like my boss.

I’m going to stop now, because Miller is supposed to be one of the good guys, but honestly, with friends like these …

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