Ornery Iran Makes Major Military Move Against US Ships in Persian Gulf

There has been no shortage of drama between the United States and Iran in recent weeks, as President Trump continues to roll back Obama-era policies affecting the Persian nation.

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Iran, who for years benefitted from a sweetheart nuclear deal with the Obama administration, has found themselves on President Trump’s list of things to remedy.  That has meant a nullification of the entire deal, and new sanctions aimed at keeping the Islamic regime’s retaliation to a minimum.

That hasn’t worked, unfortunately, as evidenced by the latest military machismo being exuded by Tehran’s leadership.

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Separately, the head of the navy of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, General Alireza Tangsiri, said on Monday that Iran had full control of the Gulf and the U.S. Navy did not belong there, according to the Tasnim news agency.

Tehran has suggested it could take military action in the Gulf to block other countries’ oil exports in retaliation for U.S. sanctions intended to halt its sales of crude. Washington maintains a fleet in the Gulf that protects oil shipping routes.

Tangsiri said Iran had full control of the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz that leads into it. Closing the strait would be the most direct way of blocking shipping.

The direct quotes were even more damning.

“We can ensure the security of the Persian Gulf and there is no need for the presence of aliens like the U.S. and the countries whose home is not in here,” he said in the quote, which appeared in English translation on Tasnim.

He added, “All the carriers and military and non-military ships will be controlled and there is full supervision over the Persian Gulf. Our presence in the region is physical and constant and night and day.”

As of this writing, there has been no official response from Washington DC, but we can almost guarantee that this egregious aggravation won’t be allowed to stand with The President.


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