After Orlando Shooting, The Media is Focusing On Everything but Islamic Terrorism

When the mass shooting took place in Paris, the media focused on the fact that it was an attack of Islamic terrorism. Sure they felt compassion for the victims, but most of what we heard was Islamic terrorism.

When the attack took place in Belgium, the media focused on it being an act of Islamic terrorism.

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When the bombings took place at the Boston Marathon, the media focused on it being an act of Islamic terrorism.

When the shootings took place in San Bernardino, the media focused on it being an act of Islamic terrorism.

When a radical Muslim pledging allegiance to ISIS shoots over 100 people in a gay bar in Orlando, the media focuses on the gay community and the need for gun control. They do refer to it as an act of terrorism but also a hate crime. There is only a side mention of the shooting carried out by Omar Mateen, being an act of ISIS Islamic terrorism.

Most of what I’ve seen on a number of stations and online news is how tragic this was to the LGBT community. Many news outlets referred to the attack as a hate crime instead of an act of Islamic terrorism. They show one gay group around the nation and world after another. The CBS This Morning show interviewed a number of gays. The only Orlando city commissioner they interviewed was the one lesbian on the commission. They show the gay rainbow flags being flown everywhere. Everything on the media is gay, gay, gay.

After the San Bernardino shooting, the media never focused on the employees attending the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health who were conducting a training event combined with a holiday celebration. The media didn’t focus on the Inland Regional Center where the training and celebration was held.

Hillary said it was the act of a lone wolf and act of self-radicalization, but she never used the term Islamic terrorism. She also used the shooting to renew her rhetoric against gun control.

Obama called it an act of terrorism and hate crime, but he also never mentioned that it was an act of Islamic terrorism. Obama has a track record of avoiding using the term Islamic terrorism because he is protecting his own religion. He ordered the American flag to fly at half-staff through Thursday, but today is Flag Day and the American flag should be flown at full staff on this highly patriotic day, but then Obama has never been patriotic.

The only person focusing on the fact that the Orlando shooting was an act of Islamic terrorism is Donald Trump.

The focus on the gays is a sign of the perverse decadence that has pervaded our country ever since God and Christianity were banned from so many aspects of American culture. One of the basic laws of physics is that a vacuum cannot exist in an open environment so when God and Christianity is removed, something will fill that void. What fills the void has been many of the things that God calls sinful and abominable.

If you look back in history, every nation that embraced homosexuality as America is now doing, soon collapsed or were destroyed. America has become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. When Rome became openly sexually decadent, it collapsed from within. America is following in those sorry footsteps and it’s only a matter of time before our nation collapses under the wrath of an angry God.

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