Four Things Liberals Should Learn From the Orlando Massacre

People in Orlando barely had time to gasp in horror after what’s being called the worst mass shooting in U.S. history before President Obama was predictably calling for gun control and avoiding the phrase “Islamic terror.”

He did use the word “terror,” but it’s never Islamic terror with this guy, and I think by now we all know why.

That’s a problem because that’s what the shooting was, Mr. Soon-to-be-ex-President, Islamic terror.

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The shooter, Omar Mateen, even pledged allegiance to ISIS before killing at least 50 people and injuring at least 53 more at a homosexual dance club.

Obama wants to rerun the same tired narrative that doesn’t even name the real problem and then avoids any real solutions, all in favor of a long-running Liberal scheme to reduce the common man to powerlessness.

Donald Trump tried to take credit for warning everyone about Muslims after the shooting.

Um, maybe. He does deserve some credit for naming Islamic terrorism as the problem and trying to wake people up to the fact. This shooter, however, was not an immigrant, he was born in the USA to Afghan parents. So, what, 5 out of 10 for The Donald?

But what this shooting should have done, and should continue doing, is to shatter several prominent Liberal fantasies that the Left has tried for years to inflict on the public.

No. 1, already hinted at, “Islamophobia” is not a thing. Islam really is not a “Religion of Peace,” it really is a problem. The reason it is a real problem is not because Muslims are “different,” or because of “racism” (Islam is not a race), it’s because specific beliefs easily found in the Koran and hammered into the heads and hearts of Muslim youths in their schools, homes and mosques make them ripe for becoming willing human bombs under the guidance of darkly fascist and evil groups like ISIS or al-Qaida.

No. 2, is the Liberal idea that there is a universe in existence where it makes any moral or logical sense to be both pro-Muslim and pro-gay. News alert: Muslim fascists hate homosexuals, like, way, way, way, way, way, way more than even the worst pseudo-Christians like those at Westboro Baptist do. Want proof? See the Orlando massacre. See any of those photos of ISIS throwing gays off of rooftops. In a particularly rich moment, the shooter’s father told a reporter that the shooting had nothing to do with religion (see point 1, above), but that it may have been because he saw two men kissing “a few months ago,” and that made him angry. Why did that make him murderously angry, you ask? Survey says. … Pick a side, Liberals.

Point No. 3, mass shootings would stop if we just inflicted a little more gun control on the nation. Beeeeep. Thanks for playing, but no … they … won’t. The shooter who brought you this supersized massacre was a state-licensed security guard. State. Licensed. Even better, he had been interviewed several times by the FBI about possible terror ties. He was known. As a security guard, he had a state firearms license, TMZ reported. Interviewed by the FBI, still had an Elite Give Him a Gun Now, 2-for-1 Discount Plus a Shiny New Holster When You Buy a Smith and Wesson, Year-Round Shoot ‘Em Up Pass. And he’s a terrorist, with all the subterfuge and respect for the law that implies. What law, in what dimension of reality, does President O-bonehead or any other member of the cackling Liberal class think could possibly have stopped this man from obtaining firearms? (Sorry for the boldface italics, I’m a bit beside myself at the moment.) And, lest this point gets skipped over, as a security guard, Mateen was a member of that club of trained law-enforcement superheroes that Liberals want us all to put our faith in to keep us safe after we all turn in our guns. That’s what the kids today call a “total fail.”

Point No. 4, the belief that domestic terrorism is a threat because of pro-life conservative Christian gun owners and Tea Partiers. Nuh uh. While the O-butthead Administration has been keeping a terror watch list populated by us “bitter clingers” since just about Day One, the Omar Mateens of the world have been absorbing the lessons and encouragements of terror at your friendly neighborhood mosque, coming to a street corner near you soon if they haven’t already. Just like Starbucks. More importantly, they are slowly infiltrating the public school system with Muslim propaganda, including lessons that have kids dress like Muslims and write out Koranic passages, despite that whole “church-state separation” bugaboo. They also rule the roost at many prisons, ensuring that troubled young criminals who serve their time go back out into the world as angry young zealots for the Prophet. And of course, they have infiltrated and corrupted the Executive Branch of the federal government.

Obama on Sunday said, “We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be, … and to actively do nothing is a decision as well.”

He was talking about being a country that uses guns — something I wholeheartedly believe we do want to be, and if we’re smart, it’s something we should embrace much more routinely.

But the real issue isn’t whether we use guns. The real issue is, do we want to continue to be a country that turns a blind eye to Islamic terrorism? Because to do nothing now is a decision as well. …

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