Oregon Succumbs To Leftist Lunacy, Adding Third Gender to Drivers License

Former President Barack Obama unleashed a strange new phenomenon into the United States during his lame duck term, and now whole states are swallowing up the nonsense.

While Obama was patiently waiting for a Hillary Clinton victory that would never come, the democratic deity took it upon himself to construct a new social issue for he alone to tackle:  Where transgendered Americans would go #1 and #2.  There was no public outcry for something to be done; transgendered people had been self-governing the possibly confusing situations themselves for decades.  The real story behind Obama’s odd obsession had to do with shoring up a fringe group of democratic voters as the writing on the wall regarding Clinton’s chances in the election became apparent.  By manufacturing, and then galvanizing the support of the LGBTQ community by introducing a controversial bathroom decree for public schools, Obama assured that these Americans would head to the polls.

Now, long after Obama has moved to the affluent suburbs of D.C., and Hillary Clinton is trotted out of her depressive state only for public appearances, the transgender agenda remains at the forefront of liberal matters.  The issue has become so ingrained in our culture, even after it failed to deliver its intended results for the democrats, that entire states are getting in on the act.  Take Oregon for example.

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“Oregon has enacted a controversial measure allowing its residents to identify themselves as male, female, or neither on driver’s licenses and ID cards. The new measure, passed by Oregon’s Transportation Commission and which goes into effect on July 3, will give Oregonians the option to choose among three gender categories when applying for driver’s licenses or state identification cards: male, female, or ‘X’ — for a ‘non-binary’ or unspecified sex.

“Oregon resident Jamie Shupe, who became the nation’s first person to legally change his gender to ‘non-binary’ or unspecified, plans to be among the state’s first to make use of the new identification on his driver’s license. ‘I’ve trembled with the fear of failure and cried tears until I had no more tears to cry, because of the magnitude of what’s been at stake — and now won,’ Shupe told NBC News. ‘But in the end, the huge legal and non-binary civil rights battle that I expected to unfold going into this never came to pass; simply because this was always the right thing to do all along.’ NBC News reported that ‘Shupe plans to apply for a non-binary driver’s license on July 3, alongside their [sic] wife, Sandy.'”

This change to the Oregonian process has already come under fire from many realists across the nation.

With dozens of “gender” groups looking to establish their own unique set of words to describe themselves, it will only be a matter of time until Oregon’s “X” is no longer considered inclusive enough.  Thanks to Barack Obama’s ridiculous obsession with the transgender agenda, a litany of fringe gender identities have been invented, all with advocacy groups looking simply to wield power and rake in donations from the ever-guilty left.


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