Oregon Joins Resistance, Vows To Defy Trump’s Military Orders!

If the left isn’t trying to kick off a New Civil War with their anti-American “resistance”, then we have no idea what they’re actually attempting these days.

From the onset of the Donald Trump era, which kicked off in earnest when Trump called out Rand Paul in a 2016 debate for soliciting campaign donations from him during previous election cycles, the left has been feeding and fueling their “resistance” rats, hoping to teach them the key to their own social justice maze:  Complete the puzzle by learning all of the new, invented language of the bleeding heart liberals, and you get a Clinton-baked cookie and a retweet on Twitter.

The combination gets ’em every time.

This has made the idea of defying the President, and his supporters, intrinsically cool or hip for the malleable millennials who are caught right now in between their own, slowly forming political opinions and the rhetoric of whatever leftist news station that their college professors worship on the daily.  These young people are still quite susceptible to subtle brainwashing, as many are just now learning what it’s like to provide for themselves, and the continuation of a socialist system seems right up their alley.

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Think about it:  College kids are fed, housed, and educated in a communal setting, making baby steps toward their independence.  Once they’ve grown tired of microwaved meatloaf and cartons of milk from the college cafeteria, they begin to strike out on their own in incremental baby steps.  After learning the hard lessons of reality, (i.e.:  Bills, credit, debt, and sustenance), these newly-adult minds will get to work on their own political beliefs.  As they age, we find that American become more conservative, having seen the world from the perspective of a sovereign human being and not from the perspective of an educational commodity being coddled by a university that has to keep them alive long enough to pay tuition.

So the “resistance” grows, as the left hones in on these completely temporary communal situations of the 18-22 year old crowd.  And, sensing an opportunity to score points with voters, the democratic left often finds itself attempting to ride the coattails of said resistance all the way to the polls.

Such in the case in Oregon this week, where lawmakers have decided to vociferously oppose President Trump’s plan to send the military to the southern border – a move sparked by a 1,700 person deployment of illegal Honduran migrants who are currently marching on their border despite reports yesterday that they may have been disbanded.

The governor of Oregon says she’ll resist any attempt by Donald Trump to deploy her state’s National Guard detachment to protect America’s southern border, and California‘s governor appears poised to follow suit.

The president signed a proclamation on Wednesday that orders Defense Secretary James Mattis to ‘request use of National Guard personnel to assist’ with the Homeland Security Department’s existing border patrol operations.

But governors, whose duties include commanding their states’ Guard units, can say no.

‘If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no,’ Oregon Gov. Kate Brown tweeted Wednesday.

‘As Commander of Oregon’s Guard, I’m deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.’

Every time an American governor turns globalist, we can only imagine that George Soros releases a Hillary-esque cackle and gulps back another dish of caviar.


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