Open Borders Allow Twice-Deported Drug User to Kill 17 Year Old Girl

Are we a nation of laws or are we not?  Do we have freedom and security in equal abundance, or are we sacrificing both in order to please some globalist robber baron at the behest of the democratic party?

It certainly feels as though there is some strange reprioritization of our nation’s security in this post-9/11 world.  We have to take our shoes off and allows ourselves to be photographed and bombarded with radiation in order to travel from state to state by airplane, but there is no physical barrier in between our nation and our southern neighbor in a vast majority of places where the border exists.

It’s absurd, in all reality.  America has always been the melting pot, and we certainly don’t hope that changes.  But we want the best and brightest from the rest of the world to see America as a land of opportunity.  We ask them for their citizenship in return, so that way their success can be attributed to the American Dream.  Those who cross into our nation illegally are exploiting our kindness and are dead weight within our economic model, if not parasites themselves, operating in the gray and black areas of the cash market either in drugs, sex trafficking, or murder for hire.

The evidence is all around us, and it is oftentimes tragic.

A man who had been deported twice is behind bars after crashing his vehicle into another car while on drugs, killing a Texas teenager who was on her way to the movies with her family.

Edy Lopez-Hernandez, 27, was charged with “murder, intoxication assault and failure to stop and render aid in connection with the crash” after he crashed into the vehicle carrying 17-year-old Britney Baez and her family on Saturday.

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Houston Police Department said Lopez-Hernandez fled the scene of the crash with his 2-year-old son, who was in the car. A witness stopped Lopez-Hernandez and told him to return to the crash scene, KTRK reported.

Baez’s sister, Nicole Baez, told KTRK that she was in the backseat with her sister when a car slammed into the rear of the vehicle they were traveling in.

Stories such as this are not rare by any means, but are 100% preventable.  Why the left is so eager to leave this loophole for crime open is beyond us.

Given what President Trump has already achieved in his short time in office, there is still hope that the Commander in Chief can get his “big, beautiful” wall built, but the democrats certainly won’t be making it any easier for him…regardless of how many young Americans are killed by illegal immigrants.

If Hernandez had used an AR-15 to kill Britney Baez, there would be en entirely different reaction from the mainstream media.

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