One of World’s Largest International Floral Events, FLEUR AMOUR, is SPECTACULAR! [photo gallery]

Fleur Creative presents “FleurAmour, passion for flowers,” one of the largest international floral events in the world, held this week from September 23-26 on the beautiful grounds of the Alden Biesen, a 13th century Belgian castle.


FleurAmour exhibits the quite literal fruit and bloom of months of labor and four days of intensive arranging of thousands of flowers.

Florists from all over the world arrive to display their creativity and floral masterpieces on the grounds of Alden Biesen, including its church, courtyard, and rooms of the castle– and its spectacular gardens.

This beautiful cross of pinks, reds, yellow, and white fill up the sanctuary:


This display adorns an entire area of the castle:


In other spaces, designers work around the clock to finish their masterpieces.



In one area of the grounds 5,000 tubes are filled with water and flowers.


And everyone, for the most part, attends wearing their own flower decorations:




Even mohawks:


“After woman flowers are the most divine creations” Christian Dior.

Bethany Blankley

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