One World Government and Globalization Just Took Two HUGE Hits This Week

Earlier this month, President Obama was bragging about globalization being here to stay, and telling American workers that they aren’t getting their jobs back (probably the closest thing to an honest statement on the economy ever to come out of his mouth).

I’ve said before he should know better than to endorse anything, because in the week and a half since his statement sounded the trumpets for that still-forming New World Order/One World Government, the forces of globalization have taken a one-two punch to their plans.

It’s not fatal, but it’s gratifying.

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During a June 13 interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Obama warned free trade critics that they can’t stand in the way of change.

“I think that the temptation in that circumstance is to resort to nativism and nostalgia and the sense that these are things that are now out of control and ‘I want to take control back,’” he said.

He seemed to be aiming his message particularly at older generations of workers, because he praised younger workers (the few there are) for not being anti-trade or anti-globalization.

“If you look at surveys, it tends to be older workers who are feeling displaced who are attracted to this notion of ‘let’s pull up the drawbridge and shut everybody off,'” he said, in a not-so-veiled jab at Donald Trump’s supporters.

Part of that globalization strategy, however, has been to weaken or erase borders and weaken nations’ sovereignty, both here and around the world. And it’s undeniable that the NWO types have had the upper hand in recent years.

But this week, the Supreme Court and the voters of Britain put two big dents in the NWO juggernaut.

First, the Supreme Court failed to overturn a lower court ruling that blocked Obama’s executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Obama took that one personally because he had used an executive order to unconstitutionally enact his personal will after he failed to persuade Congress to rubber stamp his plans. Since then, he has greatly expanded his abuse of executive orders, effectively acting as a king rather than a president, and ignoring the Constitution, while essentially throwing open the border, which at this point is virtually nonexistent.

It’s precisely those actions on the part of Obama that have provided such powerful fuel for the rise of Donald Trump.

The lower court whose ruling was upheld had called Obama on his self-crowning achievement, reminding him that there is such a thing as the separation of powers, and he has broken that constitutional law. The New Orleans court had ruled in the case of 26 states that sued the federal government, that Obama lacked the authority to shield millions of immigrants from deportation and grant them work permits without the approval of Congress.

Obama blasted the 4-4 tie in the Supreme Court, and the media have picked up on complaints about the “roadblock” that “takes us further from the country we aspire to be.” The country Obama aspires for us to be, of course, is one without borders, without a world-leading economy and without national sovereignty.

Speaking of national sovereignty, a bare majority of Brits voted just yesterday to take theirs back from the European Union, that ghastly tool of globalization that has brought the European economy to its knees and is threatening to erase European countries’ historical identities by inviting in unchecked hordes of Muslim “refugees” who have brought with them crime, social upheaval, disdain for Western values and the anxious swords of jihad.

The people of Britain, by the thinnest of margins, have now opted out, resulting in the resignation of the prime minister, and encouraging the plans of conservatives in other European countries to formulate their own efforts to regain their freedom.

Trump, speaking in Scotland, suggested that Obama’s recent encouraging of the British people to stay in the EU swung the vote toward freedom. “People want to take their country back. They want to have independence. … They want to take their borders back. … They want to have a country again,” Trump said.

Because in the end, to paraphrase, there are only two kinds of societies — the free kind and the other kind. The people of the world have had enough of the other kind.

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