The One Question Susan Rice Needs to Answer: “What did the President Know, and when did He Know it?”

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Former American Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, was a guest on Breitbart News Daily where host Raheem Kassam asked him to weigh in on the ongoing controversy surrounding former Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Specifically, Kassam wanted to know what the ambassador thought about the allegations that Rice misused her power to force the intelligence community to spy on the Trump campaign and transition team for the Democrats political gain?

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Bolton responded by reminding Kassam of the most important, and famous, question from the Watergate hearings in the 1970s; “What did the President know and when did the he know it?”

Kassam: “Speaking of people doing things and thinking they can get away with it. Susan Rice. There are a lot of allegations out there at the moment, we know this issue isn’t going away despite the last 24 hours of distractions. Do we believe at this point that Susan Rice was behind the unmasking and do you believe that she should be hauled in front of a Congressional committee to answer for that?

Ambassador Bolton: I think she absolutely deserves the opportunity to clear her name, under oath, before several congressional committees, and probably so do a lot of other people in the Obama administration, right up to and including the president. You know the famous question that Sen. Howard Baker asked repeatedly during the Watergate hearings: ‘What did the president know, and when did he know it?’ That question needs to be put to Barack Obama.”

The portion of the interview that focuses on the spying scandal starts about 10 minutes into the interview:

Bolton added some context to why Susan Rice must testify earlier this week when he appeared on Fox Business Channel with Lou Dobbs.

This is stunning news. And you can’t, even somebody as senior as the National Security Advisor, can’t just decide they’d like to unmask names to find out whose name is involved in a particular intercept. The procedure is that you have to go to the NSA and say, ‘Here’s my reason for wanting to know what this person’s name is’… If she said that even somebody as senior as her but her real motivation was political she was committing a kind of fraud on the intelligence gathering system and if she participated in that kind of fraud to help the political misuse of that intelligence she’s got serious legal problems here and so does everybody else who worked with her on it.



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