One of Those Days

I am having one of “those” days where, even though I know good ultimately triumphs over evil in this war we call life, I feel more like Custer in Montana than Hal Moore in Vietnam.

One of those days when even though “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God” Romans 8:28;  I read a story about Bekah and Jared Kelly. They lost their birth mother at a young age, and now they’ve lost their father, Scott, their sweet second mother, Mandy, a Christian blogger, and their two younger siblings, Lizzie age 9 and Judah who was only 10 months old, in a horrible fire.

It shakes me to my core.

Yes I am having one of those days when the mustard seed seems larger than the mountain I should be able to move.

Have you ever had one of these days? On these days when I am feeling human and fragile, I try very hard to remember that what I see is only temporary and that what is unseen is eternal.

Today as I sat reading my Bible for comfort, my 2 year old son came and cuddled with me in my recliner. I had an epiphany. That too was only temporary. The good and the bad BOTH are only temporary. I also thought about how awful it must be for people without faith when they have days like this. I thought of how awful eternity was going to be for them.

There are times when I am so angry and disgusted with things of this world like abortion, rape and other sins and crimes that I just wish Jesus would return and end it all. I have to remind myself that it would end cuddles from a sweet little boy with blonde curls too.

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