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One Meteorologist’s On-Air Meltdown Comes Amid Lengthy Winter

As much as it pains us to admit it, we, as human beings, are truly fascinated by the idea that others within our species can rationally hit their breaking point while continuing to push forward in whatever menial task was at hand.

This sort of behavioral trudging is the stuff of legend.  Whether you have a co-worker who is using the anger and vitriol of his divorce to fuel a renewed interest in his career, or when watching a professional athlete lash out against an allegedly rigged system, there is just something inherently interesting about watching our fellow man squirm.

The Germans even have a word for the experience:  Schadenfreude, which is loosely defined as the pleasure one gets from the misery of others.

Hitting both categories equally is this next clip, from a news station in Michigan.

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Spring hasn’t been the greatest so far in West Michigan and Meteorologist Garry Frank has been hearing about it.

And Tuesday, he’d had enough.

Mike Avery and Deanna Falzone were the recipients of this tirade, but Erica Francis and Nicole DiDonato hadn’t helped the situation earlier in the morning.  Be sure to watch through Robb Westaby’s attempt to follow with Traffic.

As of Thursday afternoon, the video of the rant posted on Facebook had over 172,000 views.  FOX 17 posted it on YouTube late Thursday and it already has over 6,000 views.

And while Garry Frank may have put down the agitated weather performance for the month of March, he has a long way to go before matching the ferocity of delivery of one Mr. Frankie McDonald, who delivered a stern warning to Michiganders back in 2016:

Now, both Frankie and Garry have been warning us about impending snowstorms and cold weather for some time – a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed in global warming circles either.  In fact, a number of major reports from 2018 show that the leftist theories regarding climate change are completely bogus.

A favorite technique of the propagandists of the Global Warming scare is to find cute and cuddly creatures that they can claim are “threatened” by global warming. For years, an iconic picture of a polar bear on an ice floe was used to frighten children into clutching their stuffed teddy bears and demanding Mommy and Daddy act to save them.

But the bloom started coming off that rose when a scientist who had made population estimates that allowed the bears to be classified as threatened admitted that the estimates were: “A guess to satisfy public demand” but wrapped in the prestige of settled science.”

The scam took an even heavier blow when NASA admitted there was no measurable retreat in polar ice last year.

Garry Frank’s rant certainly shows shades of the frustration that he must feel regarding the constant emphasis on bad news emanating from the left’s weather department.

And, given his wild reaction, it looks like Frank could employ those crocodile tears in order to land him a job at the one of the big boy networks, where outrage and emotion are far more important than facts.

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