One Meme Liberals Need to See

If you’re like me, you no doubt have some liberal friends who just don’t seem to “get” the 2nd Amendment.

They simply cannot understand how well-meaning people living in our day and age could “cling” so strenuously to our guns. They don’t understand how we just can’t get the “fact” that the Founding Fathers obviously “never meant” for regular citizens to own, handle, and even use “weapons of war.”

If you have friends like this, then you need to share this meme with them… it explains everything in terms they may actually be able to understand (but don’t hold your breath on that).

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Of course, the 2nd Amendment wasn’t just talking about muskets. Of course, the founders knew that our self-defense technology would improve over time. Of course, they didn’t mean to express that Americans could only have access to the printing (or gun, or speech) technologies of the late 1700s.

So, annoy a liberal and share this meme!

Onan Coca

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