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Ominous Warning Sprayed Onto Columbus Statue in Central Park

There has been a wild streak of angry leftists targeting and attacking our American history in the wake of the Battle of Charlottesville.

The targets have been malleable as well, with the radical left simply choosing to deface or topple whichever statue or monument would look better in their social media selfies.  What began as a concerted effort to eradicate the entire history of the U.S. Civil War’s Confederacy has mutated now into an attack on any visage that can in any way be related to any perceived atrocity.

One of the unfortunate collateral characters that have been affected by the left’s constantly evolving list of trigger targets has been Christopher Columbus, the misunderstood explorer that died believing that he had reached India when, in fact, he had been terrorizing Caribbean villages instead.

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The latest bit of anti-Columbus nonsense come from Central Park where the vandalism came complete with an ominous, Hollywood-quality warning.

“The statue had the message ‘hate will not be tolerated’ and ‘something’s coming’ scrawled on it. Columbus’s hands were painted red.

“The statue is being cleaned up. A Central Park Conservancy worker power-washed the statue then scrubbed the blood-red paint from its hands, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

“’Vandalism doesn’t do anything, even if they are against the concept of a Christopher Columbus statue,’ one woman told Sanchez.

“There have been a number of calls to remove all Christopher Columbus statues in the city, critics saying the structures celebrate a man who enslaved and brutalized natives in his travels.

“Last Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a special commission will evaluate public monuments on city property and offer recommendations on whether they should stay, be removed, or have plaques with additional information added to them.”

Regardless of your historical beliefs, vandalism is still a crime, no matter the target.

Emboldened by the doom and gloom predictions of the mainstream media, radical leftists have been openly calling for Civil War from the moment that the dust settled in Charlottesville.  Acting under the oxymoronic “Antifa” moniker, these domestic terrorists have been clashing with their myriad of enemies, not the least of which have been law enforcement.

Calls to label “Antifa” as a hate group have largely been ignored, however, some states have already listed the violent organization on their list of terror groups.

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