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Ominous Warning From Donald Trump has North Korea Watching Their Backs

In modern history, few politicians have had the gall to speak as bluntly and decisively as President Donald J. Trump.

This is likely due to Trump’s status as a Washington outsider who saw the broken beltway systems for what they were:  Embarrassing failures that adversely affected a great many Americans.  This attitude was a large part of Trump’s campaign, and his promise to drain the swamp has merely allowed the Commander in Chief to continue his anti-establishment push.

The American voters who elected him couldn’t be happier about it, but it is scaring the living bejeezus out of the elitists in D.C.

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That is precisely why Trump’s latest tough talk regarding the hermit kingdom of North Korea has so many liberals’ panties in a wad.  The left is wholly afraid of anyone telling it like it is, especially someone as powerful as the U.S. President.

North Korea is afraid too, but not due to Trump’s willingness to speak succinctly.  North Korea’s fear comes from the latest warning being administered by the Commander in Chief.

“President Donald Trump issued an unprompted, cryptic message Thursday after meeting with military officials at the White House, saying about the gathering, ‘Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.’

“’We have the world’s great military leaders in this room,’ Trump said to reporters after uttering his remark during a photo-op in the Cabinet Room of the White House.

“Pressed on what he meant, the president said, ‘You’ll find out.’

“The president participated in a briefing Thursday evening with senior military leaders and their spouses, according to a schedule released by the White House.”

Donald Trump’s eerie and ominous warning is likely directed at North Korea due to the reclusive regime’s constant threatening of the U.S. and her allies, along with Kim Jong Un’s newfound military capabilities.

In July, North Korea successfully tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles that experts believe are capable of reaching as far as Chicago, Illinois.  This enormous leap in technology, paired with the possible test of a hydrogen bomb some weeks later, has a great many American military experts scrambling for a solution.

If this truly is the calm before the storm, Trump’s military pow wow could be one of the most important meetings of his fledgling presidency.


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