With Olympics Only Hours Away, North Korea Makes Eerie Statement

The eyes of the world will soon be affixed to the nation of South Korea, as they host this year’s winter Olympic Games beginning later this week.

And, in a rare move, the rogue regime of North Korea looks to be complying with international decorum in order to participate themselves, even though they are the sworn enemies of the South Korean people.  (To be fair, they’re the sworn enemies of pretty much everyone except for Russia, China, and Iran at this point).

As with any Olympic Games, security concerns are often the highest priority.  The games themselves represents a unification of the world under the guidance of sport – something that the cretinous filth of ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups would love to see tainted with the blood of their martyrs.

The 2018 games will be receiving and unexpected boost in that security as well, with as many as 1,200 security personnel being sent home with the ultra contagious norovirus, and being replaced by South Korean military members.

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In the lead up to the games, there have been some concerns about the maniacal maneuvers planned by North Korean despot Kim Jong Un, whose behavior is far, far from predictable in the least.  Perhaps due to the unsettling proximity of the games to the DPRK, President Trump made it very clear this week that the United States would not be taking any chances should trouble arise.

“North Korea is only months away from obtaining the capability to hit U.S. territory with a nuclear weapon and must be disarmed, a U.S. envoy said on Tuesday, dismissing Pyonyang’s diplomatic thaw with South Korea as a “charm offensive” that fooled no one.

“In a diplomatic showdown at a U.N.-sponsored Conference on Disarmament, North Korea responded by blaming Washington for escalating confrontation, saying it was deploying nuclear assets including aircraft carriers near the divided peninsula and was considering a pre-emptive strike against Pyongyang.

“‘North Korea has accelerated its provocative pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile capabilities, and expressed explicit threats to use nuclear weapons against the United States and its allies in the region,’ U.S. disarmament ambassador Robert Wood told the Geneva forum.

“‘North Korean officials insist that they will not give up nuclear weapons, and North Korea may now be only months away from the capability to strike the United States with nuclear-armed ballistic missiles,’ he said.

“A new U.S. nuclear policy review outlined last week ‘reaffirms that North Korea’s illicit nuclear program must be completely, verifiably, and irreversibly eliminated, resulting in a Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons,’ he said.”

Of course, none of this rebuke will likely affect the plans of “supreme leader” Kim Jong Un, whose hatred for the United States and Donald Trump is fiery and quite public.


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