Keith Olbermann

Olbermann Predictably and Pathetically Chimes in on Vegas Massacre

In the wake of any tragedy within the United States, newscasters are often seen scrambling to make their opinions known.

Of course, this is especially true for incident that involve firearms, such as the horrific Las Vegas massacre that took place on Sunday Night.  The political left tends to view these tragedies as Godsends, as it gives them ammunition for their unconstitutional calls for gun control legislation.

How the left manipulates the system is even more disparaging.

You see, the liberals of America control virtually all of the mainstream media.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times and others all lean fairly hard to the left.  These outlets rely on advertising to stay afloat, and to maintain advertising revenue they must provide value.  In their case, entertainment is their currency.  There is no better way to create entertainment than with conflict, so taking to their soapboxes to irresponsibly call for gun control immediately following such an event creates a certain combativeness that’s good for the bottom line.

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There really isn’t too much more to it.  The left understands that the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere, yet they are still subservient to their entertainment demigods, so the debate will always continue.

The disgraced former journalist Keith Olbermann is no exception.  The only difference with Keith is that he’s currently “broadcasting” from some unknown stage in some unknown place, with no major media credentials to offset his natural liberalism.  As such, he ends up saying things such as “the NRA is a terrorist organization“.

“Olbermann, in the latest clip for his series ‘The Resistance,’ said the Second Amendment was originally written ‘to keep federal government from taking away the right of each state to maintain its own militia.’

 “It has since transformed ‘into an excuse for why madmen of whatever heritage or political purpose cannot be stopped from carrying at least 10 long rifles into a hotel room in Las Vegas and setting up a sniper’s nest and killing people,’ Olbermann continued.

“He said groups like the NRA should be ‘branded for what it is — a terrorist organization.'”

With no real revenue to concern himself with losing, Olbermann has been unleashed, and this latest tirade just proves the point.

This charade of intelligent pontification continues to fester on the left side of the aisle, as the liberals who invented fake news are just now finding their stride in utilizing their new toy.  Olbermann, like many before him and many after him, will find his legacy tainted by his shock-jock opinions and dead-eyed stare – even if they are being recorded straight to YouTube in someone’s basement.

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