Ohio GOP Set to Tackle Campus Neo-Fascism with Legislative Might

There is a legitimate concern among constitutional observers that our nation’s freedom of speech is under attack by the radical left.

This has been an ongoing issue for years, with an escalation of worry coming in recent months.  Groups such as the ironically named “Antifa” and the racists of Black Lives Matter have been attempting to subvert free speech in the age of President Trump, hoping to add a disclaimer to the First Amendment that negates any words or thoughts that could possibly cause emotional stress to others.

Of course, this is the complete and utter antithesis of free speech, but that hasn’t stopped these liberal extremists from using every trick in the book in order to censor and shame those that oppose them.

This neo-fascism is on the rise, thanks in no small part to the mainstream media’s incessant leftward leaning diatribes and the airtime that they so willingly cede to so-called “social justice” warriors.

No where has this pervasive ideology been allowed to fester more than it has on college campuses – a place once reserved for the possibility of uncomfortable realities and challenging thoughts.

In Ohio, however, republicans are looking to put an end to this Hitler-esque shaming and censorship once and for all.

“Lawmakers in Ohio are planning to introduce a campus free speech bill to guarantee broad First Amendment protections at public colleges and universities.

“Republican State Representatives Andy Brenner and Wes Goodman announced their plans to introduce the ‘Ohio Campus Free Speech Act’ Tuesday, just days after a decision by Ohio State University banningall window decorations from dorms.

“‘Speech is not violence…violence is violence.’    

“The legislation will aim to prohibit ‘universities and administrators from taking action, including communicating in an official capacity, that limits or chills the expression of any member of the campus community or their invited guests based on the content of the expression,’ Brenner explained in a press releaseTuesday.

“Another portion of the bill would eliminate the ‘free speech zones’ confining speech to specific parts of college campuses, decreeing that administrators may not limit free expression on any part of campus that is ‘generally accessible.’”

While running the risk of sounding like an elderly man trying to run the whippersnappers off of his lawn, many Americans remember a time in which free speech literally meant free speech.

Now, however, leftist cowards have commandeered the concept, continually inventing new buzzwords and pronoun rules in an attempt to constantly be on top of the shame heap that they’ve created for themselves.  Their throne is nothing more than a stack of burned books and redacted ideas, the likes of which would have made even the most cognizant Nazi blush in shame.

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