OH, SO EDGY: Liberal Church Puts Mirror in Cage to Try Appearing “Deep”

Nothing makes me cringe more than someone who tries too hard to look philosophically interesting, or appears to think of themselves as in the upper echelon of radical, freeform thinkers who just aren’t “on our level”.

Please note that I understand completely that you’re getting this sentiment from someone who writes for a living, and who tends to throw in the occasional “big word” from time to time.  The difference is that I’m obsessed with the beauty of language, and I am not attempting to make myself look like King Word or Politic Mountain.  I simply want to keep y’all thinking about what it means to be an American today.

Take the example of a church in Indianapolis who thought that they would be awfully clever last Christmas, placing their nativity scene within a cage to protest our nation’s zero tolerance policy on the border.

Now, the church is taking this super edgy, faux thought-provoking schtick to the next level…by placing a mirror in the same cage.

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Christ Church Cathedral placed a small mirror with the phrase “#EveryFamilyIsHoly” inside the chain-link fence on Thursday morning as part of its latest campaign to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Rev. Stephen Carlsen, dean and rector of the progressive Episcopalian church, said the church placed the mirror inside the cage to allow those viewing the display to envision themselves as illegal migrants trapped in a cage.

“The original image was about how God loves us and then how we should love others based on that. This is about how we should love our neighbors as ourselves,” Carlsen toldthe Indianapolis Star. “Can you imagine what it’s like to come to this country seeking safety for your family, and if you did, how would you want to be treated? What would it be like for you to be detained and in a cage?”

Knowing that Indiana is a state that hasn’t yet jumped on the recreational marijuana prosperity train, there is only one place where this oh so deep idea could have come from:  The Looney Left.

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