Rudy Giuliani

Oh Snap! America’s Mayor says Hillary Clinton is Either Stupid or Lying!

Oh boy.

America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, had some very harsh words for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, while visiting Fox News’ Fox & Friends. The former New York City Mayor argued that Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the FBI should be enough to end any hope Hillary Clinton holds of ever being President. Why? Because her interview with investigators is proof that she’s either a tremendous idiot, or a complete liar.

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There are at least twenty pieces of evidence of criminal intent, that as a prosecutor, I don’t think I ever had a case with stronger evidence of criminal intent than that… Destruction of evidence, not knowing the “(C)” meant confidential. If you are Secretary of State, and you don’t know that the C with parenthesis means confidential…

She said she thought it meant alphabetical order, but the FBI didn’t ask her: ‘Was there an A? Was there a B? D, E, F? Why does it just have C?

If you can’t figure out that C mean confidential and you’re the Secretary of State, you’re either stupid or you’re lying. I don’t think she is the first… I don’t think she had an illusion. I think she is doing something called lying. Which violates [the U.S. code]. That is what Martha Stewart went to jail for, for years. Over one lie on a financial matter that had nothing to do with national security. 


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