North Korea

Off the Coast of North Korea, A Special Breed of Solider Lurks

The United States is facing a series of unprecedented threats to our safety in 2017, not the least of which is laying in wait in the far eastern locales of the Korean Peninsula.

While the hermit kingdom of North Korea has long been an enemy of the United States, their multiple military mishaps had secured their place as the perennial punchline for many a joke on the merits of international diplomacy.  That has all changed, however, as President Donald Trump has already bore witness to the successful launch of dual intercontinental ballistic missiles by the rogue regime, not to mention the likely testing of a thermonuclear device deep under the North Korean mountainside.

These developments alone would be enough to warrant worry on the part of our President, but you must factor in the purported instability of “supreme” leader Kim Jong Un to reveal the full scope of the danger lurking in the DPRK.

The United States military has floated a number of possible options for dealing with the threat that Kim and his cronies pose to the U.S., but with little reprieve.  There are simply no go-to courses of action when it comes to the unhinged mind of the North Korean dictator.  A military invasion would cause immense bloodshed, not only for North Koreans, but for U.S. and South Korean troops as well.  As decrepit as some of their equipment may be, the North Korean government mandates military service for all citizens, virtually creating the 4th largest fighting force in the world.

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A tactical nuclear strike on the reclusive nation would not only cause mass civilian casualties, but would also draw the ire of nations such as Russia and China, who have military might that could possibly put a dent in the U.S. forces.

Then there is the possibility of a SEAL Team Six-style strike on the deranged dictator and his closest confidantes.  While this option does allow for a possible “dead man’s switch” to be activated, it very well could be the most realistic maneuver in our bag of tricks.

Besides, the personnel needed to conduct such a mission just happen to be floating just off the coast of North Korea as we speak.

“Buried in a Yonhap report about a joint US-South Korean Navy war drill is the revelation that, ‘A unit of U.S. special forces tasked with carrying out “decapitation” operations is aboard a nuclear-powered submarine in the group.’

“Speculation is rife that the deployment could be what President Trump was referring to when he mentioned ‘the calm before the storm’ in front of confused reporters two weeks ago.

“Back in June it was reported that the U.S. and South Korea were training their special forces to track down and assassinate Kim Jong-un in the event of war as part of a joint operation.

“North Korea has warned that it could respond to the training exercise with another ballistic missile launch to coincide with the Chinese 19th Party Congress on October 18.”

Should the U.S. infiltrate North Korea and assassinate their “dear leader”, a cultural revolution is likely to occur within the estranged nation.

Kim Jong Un’s tyrannical communism hasn’t only affected his people in financial avenues by any stretch of the imagination.  The totalitarian twerp and his ancestors are responsible for incredibly debilitating poverty and a famine that killed as many as 4 million North Koreans in the 1990’s.  Furthermore, The Kim Dynasty’s continued use of concentration camps has led more than a few human rights organizations to call for a liberation of the nation from their vile grasp.

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