Bill Kristol Is Obviously Worried That Trump Can Win [VIDEO]

If he doesn’t think it possible that Trump can win, why does he need to get an independent candidate into the race?

Here’s proof that some knowledgeable people are worried that Trump can win.

The only reason to run an alternative candidate is to get Hillary Clinton elected president. Otherwise, Kristol could simply refuse to vote for anyone for president. If he is getting a candidate and donors to back a candidate, that is a lot of sacrifice of time and money. No one needs the satisfaction of voting for a candidate you know will lose enough to justify the expense.

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According to the Washington Examiner, Romney has been campaigning against Donald Trump though not saying who he’s for.

Earlier in his remarks, Romney cited a commencement speech former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made last week in which he blasted demagogues.

“He basically said, look, on the left you have this demagoguery saying all these problems in the country is because of the bankers, and people of wealth, successful people,” Romney recounted. “And on the right, demagogues saying, ‘Well, no, these problems mostly involve these Muslims coming in and the Mexicans and so we’re scapegoating, which is a characteristic of a demagogue’s approach. And clearly that’s not going to solve the problems that the country faces.”

That’s exactly what I thought in 2012 when Mitt Romney kept scapegoating China and their “currency manipulation.”

It is interesting that Romney is publicly appealing to a leftist megalomaniac like Michael Bloomberg to attack Donald Trump.

And they all claim that Trump has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton in November. But, if that’s true, why are they going to so much trouble to sabotage his campaign?

It seems obvious to me that, for some reason, Bill Kristol is worried that Donald Trump might win.

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