Obstructionist Obama is No Surprise, but What Will the GOP Do? [VIDEO]

While Donald Trump deals with obstructionist Obama, we must demand that Congress sides with Trump.

I’m not surprised or upset about the obstructionist Obama is becoming. I didn’t believe all those kind words that the President spoke when he met Trump in the White House. Statists are going to “state,” as some libertarians say. Barack Obama really believes in his ideology and I expect him to act like it.

But the obstructionist Obama does seem to lack a basic self-awareness of how to win support. So do some Republicans.

Let’s consider obstructionist Obama first. The New York Post editorial board wrote (emphasis added):

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In his waning days in the White House, President Obama is desperately trying to make his policies as permanent as possible by tying the hands of his successor — and far more than other presidents have done on their way out.

From his dramatic and disastrous change of US policy on Israel to his executive order restricting 1.65 million acres of land from development despite local objections, Obama is trying to make it impossible for Donald Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress to govern.

Even Thursday’s announcement of wide-ranging sanctions against Russia presents Trump with a foreign-policy crisis immediately upon taking office.

By contrast, many of Obama’s predecessors have stood back in their final days in office and refrained from any dramatic shifts, in deference to the agenda of the man voters sent to succeed them.

But Obama won’t accept the election results. As he suggested the other day, Trump’s election was a fluke — and he himself would have easily been re-elected if allowed to stand for a third term.

He believes this not just because he’s an effective campaigner, but because he thinks his “vision” and policies continue to be backed by “a majority of the American people.”

This is why obstructionist Obama is somewhat surprising. Even though I understand that the President is going to pursue his political beliefs, I don’t understand why he would act in ways that would alienate voters.

When Obama told America that they could keep their doctors under Obamacare, he knew that he was lying. It is tempting to think he is doing the same kind of thing when he blames Russia for costing the Democrats the election.

But I don’t think he’s lying to others this time. He’s making up stories to protect himself from reality. He wants to believe that the election was a fluke, not a social shift in which flyover country has repudiated the Coastal/urban populations. He doesn’t want to connect Donald Trump’s victory to the Democrat losses in 2010 and 2014. He doesn’t want to consider that 2012 was the last possible moment when he could have won the nation.

The psychological needs of Democrats dictate that the create fantasy excuses to explain their loss.

What about Republicans?

The editors of the New York Post point to the sanctions imposed on Russia as another act or obstructionist Obama designed to leave “Trump with a foreign-policy crisis immediately upon taking office.”

Yet Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House, backed Barack Obama’s move. Is this a sign that we are going to have to read more about “obstructionist Ryan” soon?

Establishment Republicans need to be reminded that they lost the election to. Donald Trump won the Republican Primary. It wasn’t even close.

If Paul Ryan wants to think that was a fluke, then he has the same psychological needs as obstructionist Obama.

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